How to Fix: Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict Problem

All  of you must be knowing about a basic terminology of Computer i.e. “IP Address”. For those who are not aware about this; consider this as the address of your computer when it gets connected to any type of network. Your computer will get identified by the IP address amongst other type of  devices connected to your network and hence whenever some message will be sent to your computer then this IP address will act as postal address of your computer. Sometime you may get the message on your computer saying “ windows has detected an ip address conflict ”  because another computer on this network has the same ip address. If  you are one of them who is searching for the solution for this conflicts then we are more than happy to help you.

Generally, all the IP address are private address and problem in it indicates the problem in your PC settings or router and hence there is no problem with your network provider.

There are many solutions to this problem but we have compiled a most effective, convenient and easy methods of solving this problem.

Restart Your Router to resolve windows has detected an IP address conflict problem

This is one of the simplest but effective method if windows has detected an ip address conflict problem. Your router is supposed to provide IP address to every devices connected to its network but sometime it may fails to assign appropriate address IP address. Most of the time this problem occurs due to temporary glitch in your router and it gets solved due by rebooting the router.

  1. Switch off your router.
  2. Then after 2-3 minutes and then restart it.
  3. Wait another 2 minutes and then connect your device back.

Release and renew your IP address

Follow the following steps to do so-

  1. In the search box of your start menu type CMD. You will see command prompt on top result; choose Run as administrator.
  2. Allow your PC to change in settings by clicking Yes on appeared dialogue box.
  3. Now it is the final step, type the below mentioned command.
  • ipconfig/release
  • ipconfig/renew.
Release and Renew your IP address in Windows
Release and Renew your IP address in Windows

Then press Enter.

That’s all. Now, recheck your computer whether error still exist. Most probably, windows has detected an ip address conflict will not appear anymore.

Configure DHCP for Windows

This step is going to reset your settings of your internet. The following steps which we are going to see requires special attention. Please note that if you are using any special settings in order to connect any type of network be it a corporate or assigned to you by your internet provider then contact your service provider to assist you if are not sure of your actions completely, This step will help if windows has detected an ip address conflict in windows 10.

So, here we go:

  1. From the start menu; select control panel.
  2. Then go to the Network and internet tab.
  3. When you will press enter on Network and Internet tab, you will see option named  “Network and Sharing Centre” or Press Windows + R and Type “ncpa.cpl”. Click that.
  4. From that go to manage network connection.
  5. Click right on Local Area Connection and pop up box will appear, click on the properties of that.
    Network Properties in Windows
    Network Properties
  6. Also, select the Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and follow the above steps to click on properties.
  7. In the next step you have to select “Obtain IP address automatically” and also “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.
    windows has detected an ip address conflict problem solved
    Reseting IPv4 Setting in Windows
  8. Now you have to close all the open tab i.e TCP/IP Properties window, the Local Area Connection Properties window, the Network Connections window and the Control Panel window. For the same you simply need to click on OK tab.
  9. Congratulations, IP address conflict has been resolved. Now restart and enjoy service of your computer without any obstacles.

This methods will assist you in both windows 7 as well as 10. Hence you dont need to google how to fix ip address conflict windows 7 seperately.IP address conflict are not a big problem but if system shows windows has detected an ip address conflict we tends to get headache.Many a times, IT professional can extract money from you and get your problem fixed just by rebooting it. So, this are the easy and efficient steps to get rid of IP conflict problem. We hope that the above article will definitely helps you.

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