The 5 Best Windows Emulators for Mac

The Windows OS and the MacOS are the arch rivals of each other from years. The fierce competition and the smart business tactics made both of the operating systems famous within the short span of time. The MacOS is neat and elegant operating system where the Windows is fresh and robust operating system. Unfortunately, both operating system cannot run apps developed for other  OS natively. So, the users have to use the Windows Emulator for Mac. If you are interested in Best Windows Emulators for Mac, then worry not.

As the Windows Emulator for Mac is essential to run any of the Windows apps in Apple’s proprietary operating system, we are listing out these Best Windows Emulators for Mac computers. These are some of the best emulators to run Windows apps in MacOS.

What is a Emulator Program?

Every operating system, be it the smartphone OS or the computer OS comes with its unique set of environment. The apps that support specific operating system are created according to the context of the operating system, that’s why we cannot run apps that are designed for any OS on other OS.

To run apps cross-platform, we need to use the Emulators. The Emulator is a software program, which emulates the environment of any operating system and allows the apps designed for that operating system to run in the alien environment. In this case, the Windows Emulators emulate the Windows Environment in the Mac Operating System, so the apps that are designed for Windows OS are run quickly in Mac Operating system.

The emulator is a pretty useful software program that is used to run the softwares from another operating system. The windows emulators that we are going to list here will help you to run any Windows app on Mac operating system.

7 Best Windows Emulator for Mac of 2018

If you want to run the apps of one operating system in the other operating system environment, you’ll need these best emulators. To run Windows apps on Mac operating system, scroll through and install any of these Best Windows Emulators for Mac on your Macbook or iMac.

Parallels Desktop

Parallel Desktop Windows Emulators for Mac

The Parallels Desktop is the paid Windows Emulator for Mac OS. The Parallels Desktop is one of the most popular emulators to run Windows apps on Mac. The parallels Desktop supports the cross-platform apps and runs any windows software program on Mac smoothly.

The software programs run with the Parallels Desktop looks like they are optimised for the Mac OS environment. This is an advanced Windows emulator program, which is not limited to Windows only.  The Parallels Desktop Emulator for Mac can run apps made for Linux and UNIX OS on your Macintosh computer pretty quickly. The Parallels Desktop provides the Mac Emulator for Windows for the people who want to run Mac-specific apps on Windows.

The Parallels Desktop software program comes with the price tag of $53.97/- on App Store. The users also have the option of Free Trial, but with the limited set of features available in Free Trial version.

VMWare Fusion

VMware Fusion mac emulator for windows

The VMWare Fusion is not only the Emulator program that allows you to run apps on Mac, but it will enable you to run entire operating systems on Mac. The VMWare Fusion allows you to install Windows Operating system on Mac and then virtually run the Apps on Mac.

The VMWare Fusion is a paid Windows Emulator for Mac, which makes use of Virtualization technology to run apps and entire operating systems. As the VMWare can run  Windows Operating system inside Mac computer, the users get to use Windows app with Native feel.

The VMWare fusion, which is the paid software program to run Windows apps on Macintosh computers comes with the price tag of $79.99/- and comes with the Free Trial offer.


Virtualbox mac window emulator

The VirtualBox is one of the best OS Emulator program on the internet. The VirtualBox for Mac helps us to run the Windows apps in Mac efficiently. Just like the VMWare Fusion, the VirtualBox is the best Windows Emulators for Mac computers.

With the VirtualBox for Mac, users can run Windows operating system in Windowed mode and use the apps designed for Windows with the native feel. The VirtualBox supports the Hardware Graphics Acceleration, so the Emulated Windows software programs get access to Graphics hardware and provide the smooth user experience.

The VirtualBox does not only run the Windows Operating system on Mac with Virtualization technology, but it runs the other operating systems like Linux, UNIX and others.  Also, the VirtualBox program is known as the best Mac Emulator for Windows because it supports running Mac OS inside Windows. The VirtualBox program is available for free of cost.


winebottler free windows emulator for mac

In our list of Best Windows Emulator for Mac 2018, we have this advanced and free windows emulator program. The Wine Bottler is a free Windows Emulator software for Mac, which can quickly run any Windows-based Program on the Macintosh.

The Winebottler program is advanced emulator program that has some exciting features packed in it. With the WineBottler, you can run any Windows-based application, which is in “.exe” format directly on the  Mac computer. Also, you have the option to Decompile and Pack that “.exe” program for the MacOS, so you can install that program directly on any computer without any Windows Emulator.

The best thing I found about this app is the inbuilt app store. The App Store has the list of common windows based apps on installing and running on the Mac. As a user, you need to click on any app and Winebottler will install the Windows version of the program on your mac.

The Winebottler program is based on the Open Source tool, Wine, which is commonly used in Linux operating system. This is a free Windows Emulator for Mac.

WinOnX 2 Pro

The WinOnX 2 Pro is a feature-full Windows Emulator for Mac. The WinOnX 2 Pro is made with the .NET framework and eliminates the need for installing Windows on Mac with Virtualization and then run apps virtually.  The WinOnX 2 Pro runs on the OS X Sandbox mode, which means the users will have the option of giving access to folders to the Windows-based program.

WinOnX 2 Pro windows emulator for mac

The WinOnX 2 Pro program is based on the Open Source tool Wine and can handle almost every Windows-based program. This software program can install and run any Windows software on Mac computers.

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The WinOnX 2 Pro is the paid Mac Window Emulator and comes with the price tag of $7.99/-. Compared to other Emulators, the WinOnX 2 Pro is the Cheapest Windows Emulator available on Apple App Store.

Citrix XenApp

The Citrix XenApp is one of the most advanced Windows Emulator for Mac. Also, it is the costliest emulator available for the Macintosh users. The Citrix XenApp software program can run any Windows-based app in the Mac ecosystem.

citrix xenapp mac emulator for windows

The Citrix XenApp is the ahead of the age Windows Emulator program. It allows you to access any Windows-based program on any Macintosh computer via cloud sharing system. So, if you have multiple Mac devices and want to run the same Windows-based app, you can do so with few clicks.

The Citrix XenApp software, being the cloud-based Windows Emulator program for Macintosh computers has more features than these. With the support of hardware graphics acceleration, it allows the apps to get access to Graphics Card of the system and run smoothly on the computer. Some people even use this program to run games that are Windows only, and they don’t also face any graphics issue with this program.

This is the best software program to run Windows apps on Mac, but the price tag of this program, which is $375/- is very high.

Boot Camp

The BootCamp is one of the most popular programs to install and run Windows apps and OS on Mac computers. The BootCamp is useful to install any Windows-based app or Windows OS on the Mac computer and run it with virtualization.

Boot Camp Windows emulator for mac

With the BootCamp, people can use the Windows-based apps and Entire Windows OS in windowed mode in Mac OS. This software program is widely used by Mac users to install Windows with virtualisation and use the app inside installed Windows OS.

The best thing about the BootCamp is that it is a most straightforward Windows Emulator software and its available free of cost.

Final Words

These are some of the best Windows Emulators for Mac. As the Mac OS does not natively support the Windows apps. That’s why we have to use these Windows Emulator Programs for Mac to run any critical Windows-Only program on Macintosh.

It seems like the hectic task of installing the emulator, then installing the Windows-based app, configuring it and then running it on the computer, but it is not. Almost all of the listed emulator programs are straight-forward and do not need any extra steps or tricks to run the Windows programs on Mac.

I hope you loved this list of best Windows Emulators to Run Windows apps on Mac computers. Download and install these Emulators from App Store and run any Windows-Only app that you wanted to run on Mac OS.

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