How to Make Windows 10 Backup Within Few Minutes

As a computer we often use our PC for lots of things like for work, watching movies or gaming and etc but most of the times we forget that the data which we save on our computer and which is very important to us might get corrupted because of malware or anything and if you don’t know to windows 10 backup process then it’s time to read some on how to how to backup windows 10.

I have seen many peoples complaining about losing their data because of some malware and if you don’t want to see yourself in that situation where you will lose all of your important files without which you will lose lots of work then it’s better to know how to backup windows 10. So if you have any kind of important pictures, videos or work files which you might want to save then here we have explained how we can do windows 10 backup using their PC very easily.

There’s a great tool available in Windows 10 PC which is called system image which can be used to backup windows 10 and here we will try to show you how one can use this build in free tool to backup up windows 10. So if you want to save your data from some abnormal situations then follow these methods to backup windows 10 of yours.

Windows 10 Backup – How to Make Full Backup

windows 10 backup

When we are backing up data using system image tool try to save all these important files in an external hard disk which you use anytime if you take care of it well. So before doing windows 10 system backup just make sure that external hard disk in which all the data is going to be saved has enough space because that might disrupt the operation of backup windows 10.

So follow this process to successfully secure your windows backup windows 10.

Method 1: Create System Image

  1. Go to the control panel of your computer and then click on system and security >Backup and 10 backup
  2. After that, you shall see create a system image option on left side of your screen and then click on it to continue. backup windows 10
  3. After that, you will be asked a question on where do you want to save your backup? Then select the hard disk and save the backup in your desired folder. how to backup windows 10
  4. Then click on start backup button to initiate your windows 10 backup.

After doing this procedure the wizard will start to store your windows 10 system backup and you don’t have to worry about whether this will save full data of your main drive or not because it will surely do and that’s why it’s one of the best and recommended method to backup your important files on your PC.

When the backup is done you will be asked to create a system repair disk. The system image which you have created will be saved on CD/DVD and later this can be used to start your system if your PC won’t boot. However, if you’re using a laptop or your PC doesn’t have any CD drive then don’t worry because you can boot your system easily from the system image which you have saved on your external hard drive.

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Method 2: Backup and Restore Windows 10

Sometimes while backing up your data things might not go in some case your PC might not be able to boot so in that situation it’s better to restore the setting without losing any further data. You can use these following steps to recover from a backup and to put your PC in a normal situation.

  1. First, connect the external hard drive with the system image backup to your computer.
  2. Then connect the disk which has system repair files with the computer
  3. And after this just Reboot your computer.
  4. After that on windows setup page just click on Next button.
  5. Just Click on the Repair your computer Button which shall be at the bottom left side of your computer.backup and restore windows 10
  6. Then while choosing an option click on 10 system backup
  7. Click System Images Recovery backup windows 10
  8. Choose a target operating system (OS).
  9. Then on ‘Re-images your computer page’, select the Use the latest available system image option and then click 10 backup process
  10. If you’re restoring a full backup to a new drive, you can also select the Format and repartition disks option and then click Next.
  11. Then Click Finish and Yes to confirm that the backup will replace the data on the drive

After following all of these steps the recovery process will start to begin. Also, don’t forget that the time to finish the recovery will totally depend on the amount of data you have and the hardware configuration of your PC so be patient while during this process.


So these are the basic procedures to follow if you want windows 10 backup of yours and it’s always good to have a backup because of the system failure and if were searching for the queries like how to backup windows 10 the after reading this article you must have got the idea about it.

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