Best Skyrim Special Edition Mods for PC 2018

There might be very few gamers who don’t know anything Skyrim because this game is one of the best action games which has been developed by the Bethesda game studios. But here we’re going to talk about how famous this game is and why anyone shall have it. The game is known for the intense gameplay and most importantly, availability of the Mods that makes gameplay even better than the original. Here we will be guiding on what kind of mods one can use to access the full potential of this game and since the Skyrim special edition launched which can grant 64 bit PC users to use a different kind of mods. So here are some of the best Skyrim special edition mods which you might want to have a look.

Here we have prepared a full list of Skyrim special edition mods which we will be installing with the help of nexus platform and nexus mod manager. If you have never used a modded version of Skyrim before then, you might want to google about it because it’ll clear any doubts if you have.

Best Skyrim Special Edition mods

For the iconic video games like the SKyrim, the Mods are very much in demand from the hardcore players. The modified versions, as gamers love to call it MODS are the modified programs files, which will change the UI, characters, maps and many other things in the game. Here are some of the best mods for popular Skyrim game which you can use to have little fun while playing.

Darker Nights

Darker Nights Skyrim Special Edition Mods

If one is playing games like Skyrim, then he must have observed that the nights which are shows in the missions are not that darker to give you feel so in this with the help of this mod you can use the darker version of the night as per your convenience. Darker nights have more than six different levels out of which you can select the best one for you. When playing games like Skyrim, you need a right atmosphere and darker nights give you that chance so without any doubt it’s one of the top Skyrim mods.

A Quality World Map

A Quality World Map best skyrim mods

I have no complaint about the inbuilt map in the Skyrim special edition, but if there’s best Skyrim mod available for the map, then it has to be world quality map which has been developed by IcePenguin. A Quality World Map includes the feel of the world map with the roads on it too which makes you excited about the whole game. If you like to enjoy riding, then this is must have a mod for you which will allow you to travel more efficiently so don’t forget to add one of the top Skyrim special edition mods.


Apocalypse top skyrim mods

When we talking about skyrim special edition mods then apocalypse is the most important mod which every skyrim lover would love to have because it will help to create the mage build so here we have mentioned some great features of this mod which makes this mod as one of the top mods for skyrim.

  • In this mod, you can find 155 new spells along with scrolls and staves too.
  • The spells can be bought or looted exactly like vanilla spells
  • If you’re a fan of good animation then in the mod you can customize the animation as per your requirements
  • Without any destruction, you can create viable spellcasters
  • You can also use the configuration options available in the Apocalypse MCM but to use that that you must’ve installed SkyUI.

Enhanced Lights and FX

enhanced lights and fx best skyrim special edition mods

If there is one thing which I would like to improve in Skyrim game slightly, then that would be its lights and FX because adding more subtle and real enhanced lights will give an excellent feel while playing the game. When you are looking for best mods for Skyrim, then this one is a must one for you. When one is searching for better-looking dungeons and Skyrim then installing ELFX will work for them surely. So don’t forget to add ELFX as one of the best mods if you want to enjoy more subtle and unobstructed view of the game.

Immersive Armors

immersive armors skyrim se mods

There are lots of great armor Skyrim game already has but with when we using best Skyrim se mods we shall use it to have great shields for our characters too. In this mod one can lots of new and shiny guards which will be well suited for their characters and NPCs too so a quick at what things you will find in one of this Skyrim se mods.

There are many armors included in this mod, most either made or edited by hothtrooper44. They include 49 complete armor sets, the vast variety of shields & bucklers. It also has many non-set individual armor pieces. Some of these armor sets can be configured as Heavy, Light or as clothing from the Mod Configuration Menu of SKSE.  

So if you are the great fan of armor, shield, etc., then this mod is the best Skyrim se mods for you, and you’ll be able to enjoy a game more when your favorite characters are going to wear these tremendous immersive armors.

Realistic Water Two

Realistic water two skyrim mod

I’ve always liked the one thing about best Skyrim special edition mods and which it makes you feel more realistic than the original one, and here we have that mod which will make the water flow more liquid and surrealistic. With this top mods, you can see how accurately the water movement will be going on during the whole in different situations.

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Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Static mesh improvement skyrim se mods

If you like to see the objects from the game in 3D effect, this mod will work for you because Static mesh improvement Mod is one of top Skyrim mods which allows things like a chain, lanterns, etc. to appear in 3D. The size of this mod is more than 1 GB which will contain 3D models of a bunch of useful objects from the game so in a nutshell, if you want to enjoy 3D effects in Skyrim game then go for it.

Alternate StartAlternate Start Skyrim mod

We always love playing different characters, and the Alternate Start mod does the exact same for Skyrim players. With the Alternate Start, the users can easily switch the character and play the game from the perspective of that character. You can switch and play as the tavern patron, a simple farmer or any other available set of characters in the Skyrim game. The Alternate Start comes with the TES V Savegame manager, so the storyline you are playing can be easily saved to play later. The tight integration of this mod with the game makes it highly playable.

Final Words

The Skyrim is one of the legendary games that made every gamer happy and feel engaged while gaming with their friends. With engaging gameplay, characters and the action happening in the game, the players love it from the beginning. Also, the Skyrim Special Edition Mods are making the gaming play more interesting by helping you modify the game and have the little bit of fun.

I hope you’ve found these Mods exciting and you’ll try them while playing the game. Share these mods with your friends and let them enjoy them too.

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