Minecraft Commands ands Cheats for PC

The Minecraft looks like the ancient game that was developed at the beginning of the gaming industry. But it’s not and the latest game that has some funny graphics resembling the early stages of development. The Minecraft is currently played by millions of players and has reached its peak popularity. The online multiplayer gaming community has accepted the Minecraft in the society and is one of the favorite multiplayer games as of now. Many people are still playing this game in single-player mode or the offline mode. Well, you can use Minecraft commands in offline mode that will help you unlock the hidden features and other options which are unavailable for the multiplayer mode players.Minecraft Commands ands Cheats for PC

The Minecraft console commands are nothing but the commands or the Minecraft cheat codes, which you have to use to gain access to the hidden features like the Locked characters, locked weapons, unlimited health, ammo and many other essential things. In this post, we are going to share the comprehensive list of the Minecraft cheats, which you should use while playing in the single-player mode and want to have some fun while playing the game.

What are these Minecraft Commands and Cheats?

The Minecraft commands are nothing but the cheat codes, which were added by the developers to test the in-game features and get access to the development mode. The main aim of the Minecraft cheats to help developers to enable or disable the features and check the game for any bugs. But, the players can use these Minecraft console commands and unlock the hidden or restricted features at will and play the levels, quests, characters, and weapons without having to complete the entire game. The only problem with these Minecraft cheat commands is that they are prohibited to use in the Multiplayer mode. So, you can only use these Minecraft admin commands in the offline or single-player mode, where you want to explore the game and the features.

How to Use the Minecraft Console Commands on PC?

The process of using these Minecraft admin commands is pretty simple, and you can do the same even if you haven’t used the same before. In this post, we are going to share an exact method that’ll help you to enable the console in Minecraft and use these Minecraft commands without any issues.

  1. First of all, open the game and create a new world in Single Player mode. Make sure you have “Allow Cheats” option enabled from the settings.
  2. Now, press “C” or “T” button on your keyboard to open the Commands bar. In the Commands bar, you have to type the cheat codes and press ENTER key on the keyboard to activate it.

What to type in the Command bar? Well, you have to type any of the Minecraft cheat codes in the command bar. Here is the comprehensive list of almost all of the commands for Minecraft with the use of each command.

List of Useful Minecraft Commands and Cheat Codesminecraft console commands and cheats

Here are some of the most useful and exciting Minecraft commands, that you should always use while playing in the single player or offline mode. Use these Minecraft console commands, and you’ll not regret playing the game in offline mode.

Command Name Command/Cheat Description
Game Mode 0 /gamemode 0 Change the game to Survival Mode
Game Mode 2 /gamemode 2 Change the game to Adventure mode
Game Mode 3 /gamemode 3 Change the game to Spectator mode
GameRule Death Messages /gamerule showDeathMessages Disable After-Death Messages on the screen.
GameRule  Fire Spread /gamerule doFireTick false Disable the Auto Fire Spread mechanism.
GameRule Day Light Cycle /gamerule doDaylightCycle false Disable the Day and Night time Cycle.
GameRule Inventory /gamerule keepInventory true Respawn with the Same inventory you have before death.
Kill  Random /kill @r Kill a Random Player in the Offline mode.
Kill  All /kill @a Kill Every Player and Bot in the game.
Time Set /time set 18000 Change the Game time to Midnight.
Time  Set /time set 6000 Change the Game time to Afternoon.
Transport /tp [TargetPlayer] x y z  Transport any player to any place in the map. Change the “x y z” with the coordinates and “[TargetPlayer]” with the Player Name.
Difficulty Level /difficulty peaceful Change the Game Difficulty Level to “Peaceful.”
Shoot Cannon /cannon Immediately Shoot the TNT block where the player is aiming.
Mining Start /instantmine Start Mining with any tool in your hand.
Fire Damage /fire damage Enable or Disable  Damage by Fire.
Plant Seed /instantplant Immediately Turn Planted Seed into a Tree.
Clone Items /duplicate Create a Duplicate copy of items in your inventory and drops the same in-game.

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Final Words

So, these are some of the best cheats and commands for Minecraft that you can use and activate the features and quests that you cannot access in the multiplayer mode. Using these Minecraft commands is not permissible in the Multiplayer mode, so make sure you use them only in the offline mode. In this post, we’ve tried to share every possible cheat code that will be useful for casual offline gaming. I hope you’ll try these commands and cheat codes and enjoy playing the game in offline mode and spend your free time without any problem.

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