Life Hacks to Increase Space on your Device

There is nothing more annoying than a notification for a low storage on your phone or any device at all.
The low storage issue usually has a very bad timing, too. For example, you are having fun, the best time
of your life, and of course, you want to capture all of your memories on your phone, that’s when a
storage notification will appear. It can get really frustrating as the storage is usually low when you need
it the most.

This issue has been resolved to some extent according to all the big phone manufacturers. Cloud
solutions and SD cards have been very helpful in the past, but is it enough to keep us happy?

Not at all. We always want more and sooner or later as consumers we will get what we want. However,
in the meantime, we need to adjust our devices so that we can maximize the available storage.

Streaming services helped us free up the storage from all the music we have, that’s great news for all
the music lovers. Still, the biggest issue is the visual content or the images. We tend to take a lot of
photos with our devices and usually, this is what it takes most of the free storage.

Best Life Hacks to Increase Space on your Device

There is a difference in how you can clean your storage on a device, computer, and web. Desktop and
web storage are much easier to handle. Every entrepreneur should be happy that nowadays every easy
website builder for small business sort this problem in a fast and efficient way. This, of course, can’t
apply to smaller devices like phones and tablets.Life Hacks to Increase Space on your Device

Luckily, there is a solution to every problem. Until another storage revolutionary idea appears on the
market, you can use these small hacks to free up your storage.

1. Clear up App caches

Take a minimalistic approach to the usage of your applications. Out of curiosity, we all install
applications we don’t really use. Reconsider everything you have on your phone and delete the ones you
are not using at all.
For the ones that you are frequently using, periodically clear the cache. This activity can free up a lot of
space. On all the apps you have this option.

2. Rooting

Rooting is the process of searching the deepest data parts of your phone and getting rid of the useless
things. This process will increase the capabilities of tour operating system and phone. However, you need to make sure that you know what you are doing. If rooting is done wrong, it can cause more
damage than good.

3. Use a storage analyzer

If all of the above steps fail, then you should probably invest into a good storage analyzer. It’s a fast and
easy way to find all of the useless parts of your phone, such as leftovers from games and deleted apps.
There are free versions of storage analyzers of course but if you like to get the best for your device, then
you should probably get the paid version.

4. Get a good Antivirus

If you install Antivirus on your device, you will significantly improve the performance. Again, you need
an up to date license in order to get to all of the functionalities. The antivirus will go through the storage
of your device frequently removing unnecessary clutter. Of course, the removal of the unnecessary files
won’t cause any damage to your stored data.

5. Google Photos

The last hack is our favorite one. Google Photos is the most efficient way to back up your pictures and
videos. The best part is that you can sync it with any device you have. To turn the feature on you need to
go to settings and select Backup & Sync. Always, store your photos in a high-quality mode as this will
save the pictures in high resolution and won’t affect the space on Google Drive.

Final Words

These are pretty effective hacks that will help you get that extra space you need. On a daily basis, we
store a lot of unnecessary junk on our phone, and using the above-mentioned tricks can help you boost
the performance and finally have some space to store all the things that matter.

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