How to Fix iPhone Not Showing in iTunes Issue

Horror strikes to new or existing iPhone users when there are no iTunes shown on the screen. It is many issues that pop up with  every new update in iTunes or iOS.It becomes a serious matter of concern, iPhone Not Showing in iTunes. It is obvious that Music has become an indispensable part of life.  iTunes is the only way iPhone user can have access to it.

Even if you have perfectly installed the update there are some or other technical glitches that lead to iphone not showing in itunes error. We   have listed all the possible solutions that could help fix the problem of iphone not showing up in itunes.

Before moving to tedious technical process, let’s make sure you have done the basic troubleshooting.

Basic Troubleshooting Techniques for Mac and Windows

You have to see, to that  USB cable is making a perfect connection, it is highly recommended if to try using a different cable.

  1. To restart the iOS device and PC. This is kind of obvious thing to do, but still, you have to make certain that there is no loose end between your iOS device with PC using cable.
  2. Keeping trying the other USB ports present on your computer, as there is high likeliness malfunctioning of PC USB port.
  3. There might be an instance that toggle feature is “ON”. So for  Disabling the restrictions on your iOS device go to Settings → General → Restrictions → Toggle OFF.
  4. Both iTunes and iOS should be updated to latest version. If you are using Mac, then search for latest OS X. If available, download and install it.
  5. Uninstall iTunes, QuickTime, Apple Application Support, Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Software Update. 
  6. Do not forget to tap on Trust button on the iOS device, when you connect it to your Mac / Windows.

After completing all the basic troubleshooting and still iPhone not showing in iTunes,then you have to go for performing the technical process. Below mentioned will guide step by step to Mac and Window user through the technical process and solve the problem of iPhone doesn’t show up in iTunes.

Checking iTunes Services on Mac

Step 1. Go to Spotlight in Mac and look for Activity Monitor.

Step 2. Open Activity Monitor and set the view “All Processes” instead of “My Processes”.

Step 3. Make sure that from the list of processes, whether the iTunes Helper service is working or not.

iphone not showing up in itunes error

Step 4. It is essential to re-install iTunes, if that service is not displayed.

Now test if your iPhone is being identified in iTunes or not. If the issue is not solved then keep following the alternate option.

Uninstalling iTunes from Terminal

Step 1. Check for Terminal in Spotlight option

Step 2. type following commands one by one in the terminal window to force uninstall iTunes:

cd /Applications
sudo rm -r

Device not showing in Itunes

Step 3. After this is completed, download a fresh copy of latest iTunes version and install it. It should certainly address the issue of iPhone doesn’t show up in iTunes.

If you are a Windows user check the guide given below for details.

On Windows PC

  • To go C:\Windows and find USBAAPL.SYS file.iphone not showing in itunes
  • Right-click on the file and choose “Open File Location”, then copy all the files to a new file folder.
  • Search for Device Manager,  go to Portable devices to check for Apple iPhone, and right click to choose Update Driver Software.portable devices Windows

Or Another alternative if device not showing up in iTunes:

  • You need to quit iTunes and disconnect iPhone from the computer.
  • Uninstall iTunes from your device.
  • Next; check C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple file folder. If the file folder is there, then delete it.iTunes common files
  • Check C:\User\Username\AppData\Local\Apple\ and \Apple Computer. If the file folders exist, delete them.itunes local files
  • Check C:\User\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Apple and Apple Computer file folders. Repeat the same procedure.
  • Check C:\User\Username\My Music file folder. Delete his also if it exists.

You have to restart the computer after above steps are completed,and then launch iTunes setup file to reinstall.
Open iTunes and connect iPhone to your computer via USB cable.

Finally check whether the iTunes could identify your iPhone normally or not. .

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This should definitely solve your issue of iPhone not showing up in iTunes; let us know if you were able to resolve this issue, by commenting below.

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