How to Use iMessage on PC Windows & Mac

The smartphones and computers are achieving new heights of innovation with the introduction of new features. The cell phones have the functionality or SMS messaging, so the computers have the Emails to communicate with others. Many people are addicted to the Messaging from a mobile phone that they are willing to stop using their computers while working on some important project. Most of the times, such people are using the iMessages on their iPhone or iPad to send messages to their friends and family members. But, what if I tell you that there is no need to peek on your iPhone to check messages? What if I tell you that you can run iMessage on PC?

Yeah! It is possible to run iMessage on PC as it is available on the Windows Operating system. There are multiple ways to run iMessages on Windows without cracking your head with tedious methods. If you are willing to run the iMessage app on your windows computer, then you are at the  right place. In this post, we are going to learn how to make use of the iMessage for Windows and check your messages directly on the computer.

About iMessage on PC

imessage on pc

The iMessage is the unique application made for Apple users to send messages to their loved ones without using the Cellular Network. With the iMessage app, the iOS users can send the SMS messages and MMS Messages over the Cellular Data or Wifi network without spending any money. The iMessage works faster than the traditional SMS messaging system and is available free of cost.

In short, the iMessage is the application like the WhatsApp, where you can chat with your friends who are using the same app, i.e., in this case, iMessage for free. iMessage can show you the SMS messages received on your Cellphone and also the messages received from your iMessage friends. With the iMessage app, you can send messages to the friends who are using the iMessage app on their smartphone. So, if you are the only one with Android smartphone and other friends are using the iPhone and chatting through the iMessage, then you should install the same on your computer.

How to Use iMessage for Windows Computers?

Using the iMessage on PC is not rocket science. You have to follow some simple methods, and you are good to use the iMessage Windows without any issues. Here are the working methods, that’ll let you use Apple Messages for PC.

Method 1: Use the Chrome Remote Desktop App

The Google Chrome web browser comes with the extensions and the app, that is very useful and increase your productivity. The Chrome Remote Desktop is one such Chrome app that will open the iMessage on PC from connected Macintosh Computer.

  1. First of all, open the Google Chrome web browser and install the “Chrome Remote Desktop” app on the computer. Follow this link to download and install the app in Chrome. After installing, click on “Launch App” button.Chrome Extension to use iMessage for Windows
  2. Once you launch the app, it’ll ask you to install the “Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer”. Click on “OK” to install the Host Installer. iMessage for pc
  3. Now, install the Same app on your Macintosh computer so that both computers can connect and share the iMessage Windows access. Follow on-screen instructions and provide administrator password when asked and complete the installation.imessage on pc installation
  4. After successful installation, open the Chrome Remote Desktop app on Chrome Browser in Windows. It’ll show you 12-Digit passcode, which you have to enter on the Macintosh to complete the pairing between two computers.Download iMessage on Windows
  5. Once pairing is successful, you are good to use the MacOS from your Windows PC and also start using the iMessage for PC without any problem.imessage on PC running

Method 2: Use iPadian iOS Emulator

The iOS Emulators are the best way to install any iOS app on your Windows computers. The Emulator programs simulate the OS environment by using the APIs. In this method, we are using the ipadian emulator to install iMessages on the computer.

  1. First of all, download the iPadian iOS emulator from the Official site and then install it on your computer. Follow on-screen instructions and complete the installation and then launch the App.  iPadian for imessage
  2. In the iPadian app, Search for “iMessages” in the App Store. Now, Download the iMessages app on your iPadian emulator.installing imessage in iPadian Emulator
  3. After installing, Open the App and login using your Apple ID and password and start using the iMessages like you use it on your iPhone or iPad.

Method 3: Jailbreaking

The Jailbreaking is the process of removing the OEM lock on the device. The Apple doesn’t want their users to get into trouble by allowing any third-party application was getting root access your device. That’s why they have put the Lock on the smartphones. So, you cannot install specific apps on your smartphone.

The Jailbreaking is the excellent option for using the iMessage for Windows without any issues. But the Jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad is the issue in itself. If you jailbreak your Apple device, then you are not eligible for the After-sale services covered under your Warranty terms. So, if you are new to Jailbreaking, then I advise you not to do this.

If you are still interested, and have some technical knowledge about unlocking the Bootloader and jailbreaking, then there are multiple sites providing the tutorials on how to Jailbreak your iPhone.

Final Words

Using the iMessage on PC is the great way to cut the distractions and reduce the smartphone addiction. By running this app on your Windows computer, you can focus on your work and reply to all of the messages while doing so and that too without touching the iPhone. The Macintosh Users have access to the iMessages as the native app, but the Windows users have to follow these tricky methods and gain access to this beautiful app.  

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