How to Use IGTV App – Instagram’s New Video App

The classic Instagram has allowed users to upload the short videos for their followers. But the videos for 1 minute or less are not quite right for the content creators, who create some long and informational videos. Lots of people were complaining about the support for long videos to Instagram, and they’ve taken care of long videos. Well, the Instagram has just launched their IGTV app, and in this tutorial we are going to show you  how to use IGTV App which is the exclusive app for the content creators and for the Instagram users who want to watch long videos easily. Within few hours of launch, the  IGTV app got a good response from the users of Instagram.

What is IGTV App from Instagram?

Well, everyone has this question in their mind after seeing multiple posts about the IGTV on their Facebook feed. The IGTV is the new application released by the Instagram, that’ll show only long videos to the users. Unlike the Instagram, where you can post live videos, stories and the picture, you have access to post only long videos.

The IGTV is the best application currently for the content creators and news channels, who make the long and informational videos and cannot post small 1 minute videos. Now, there is no live-streaming feature available on the IGTV, so the users have to upload pre-recorded videos to the app.

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How to Use IGTV App?

As the IGTV app is pretty new on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, there is lots of confusion on how to properly use this app. In this post, we are going to share the step-by-step guide on how to use IGTV app correctly and make proper use of this app.

  1. Upon installing this app on your smartphone, you can open the same from App Drawer. Otherwise, you’ll see the icon on the Top-right corner of the Instagram app.
    How to use IGTVHow to use Instagram IGTV App
  2. On the home screen, the app will start playing the first suggested video automatically. On the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the thumbnails of the other recommended videos and also the videos in the queue.IGTV App
  3. The videos will be suggested according to your Instagram browsing history, preferences and videos from People you follow. On the top of the app, you’ll find the Search Bar to search the users and videos, also the four different tabs like “Popular Videos”, “Following”, “ For you” and “Continue Watching”.IGTV Application
  4. When you are playing any video on this app, it’ll show the three options, i.e., Comment, Share and Options. In the options, you have the choice of copying the link of Video or Reporting the video to IGTV team. Instagram TV
  5. If you are willing to upload some pre-recorded videos, the tap on your Profile picture is shown on the top right corner.
  6. Then, you’ll be asked to create an IGTV channel to upload the long and vertical videos. After creating the IGTV app channel, search the video from your Gallery, give it a suitable name and Description and upload it. How to use new instagram IGTV
  7. The uploaded videos will be shared with your friends and the followers. Also, other users can find the same video in the search bar.

Can IGTV app replace the YouTube in near Future?

Can IGTV app replace the YouTube in near Future?

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With the release of the IGTV app, we are pretty sure that Facebook is taking steps to compete directly with the YouTube app. But, can this app replace the YouTube in the near future? In my opinion, it’s still uncertain. The YouTube is the biggest video search engine in the world, and it’s perfect in every aspect. With no limit of video length, no upload limits, monetisation for creators, and advertising options, the YouTube is positively not getting affected by the IGTV app.

The Instagram has to introduce many features and improvements in the app to make it better than YouTube; then we can certainly tell that if it’s going to beat the YouTube or not. I hope you’ve learned how to use IGTV app and started using it for your good.

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