How to Uninstall Apps on Mac

Do you want to get rid of apps and other programs in Mac OS? Are these programs taking up space on your hard disk and slowing down your system? This process is quite simple and straightforward. Removing files and folders in Mac by directly dragging them to trash bin works every time but when it comes to applications and other Mac programs, it won’t work because when we drag those programs and applications to the trash bin, there is gigabytes or megabytes of useless files which can be still stored in your system. We have seen many novice users are facing problem to delete the program from their Mac system and this is why we came up with a tutorial on How to Uninstall Apps on Mac devices.

Being up to date in technology has become the utmost necessity now but there’s no necessity of being known with every detail regarding that.

Is your MAC running out of space?

Do you need more accuracy?

Uninstalling apps on MAC has always been a different and probably task that’s not that easier in comparison to that in windows. And the reason here is MAC uses UNIX operating system

Let me ask you a question, why would you like to Uninstall a program on your Mac machine? Well the reason will be quite obvious that you want to delete the applications or games which you are not using anymore and you want to get rid of that garbage to free up some space to install new programs or maybe the older version of your application is not working properly and you want to install a fresh new version of it.

How to Uninstall Programs on Mac

In Mac devices, Uninstalling is really simple.  There are some applications and programs can be easily deleted without any problem, all we just need to do is

  1. Exit the respective application.
  2. Now open the Application folder in which the application is installed, you will find it inside Hard Disk.
  3. Drag the application to the Trash bin and it will take few moments to move it to Trash.
  4. Go to the Trash bin and Empty the Trash.

The above steps don’t work on all the applications, there is some application which we have to delete it manually from the internal directory itself because there is a chance that these programs can be connected to other programs too and when we delete them it won’t delete all the files.

So to completely Uninstall Apps on Mac, there are two ways

  • Manually Uninstall the Applications
  • Uninstall Programs on Mac using CleanMyMac X tool.

Method 1: Manually Uninstall the Applications

Let’s start with the first method on Manually uninstalling programs on Mac, this process will work on all the versions of your Mac OS. Whether it is macOS Sierra or previous OS X versions like Mavericks, Yosemite or El Capitan.

To permanently delete programs from your Mac, you first need to find the directory of that specific program and in which it installed and the files which are associated with it. Dragging them into the trash bin is not going to work this time, you have to open the location of the file or the path in which all the installed files are stored.

So here in this method below, we are going to reveal all the default locations in which your programs internal files are installed, you just have to drag them to trash one by one.

Note: Please delete those files carefully which are totally useless and taking up space in your system, if you delete any system file by mistake then it might cause a big problem.

So when you Uninstalling any programs on Mac, please check the paths mentioned below, if you find any part of your programs where you just have to drag them to trash bin.

  1. Support for applications and programs files are located at:  /Library/Applications/.
  2. You will find all the cache files of your program at: /Library/Caches/ and ~/Library/Caches.
  3. Your program or application library path will be: /Library.
  4. Plugins files are located at : ~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/.
  5. Application and Programs references can be found in: ~/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter.
  6. Your Programs and Applications stored data will be found in: ~/Library/Saved Application State/.
  7. Binary and other docs will be located at: /Applications/

So this was a list, you have to open every single path mentioned above and check whether there is application data or not if you find any files there related to your program then you have to directly delete it.

There are some other files like listed above but they are hidden and it cannot be accessed by a normal user in Mac OS, If you even find them then you won’t be able to delete it because you don’t have the rights to remove them.

When you delete any app on Mac devices, you have to properly cross verify everything in all the locations mentioned above but if you use any third party software like CleanMyMac X then it will ease this task for you.

Method 2: Uninstall Programs on Mac using CleanMyMac X tool

So this method is basically an alternate way of Method 1, this method will automate your process totally, All you need to do is install CleanMyMac X tool from its official website and uninstall the program you want. This method is much easier than above one because in this tool we just need to select the application and it will automatically start uninstalling the app followed by all the folders in which are stored in other locations.

So here is a quick tip to Uninstall Programs on Mac, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and Install CleanMyMac X software on your Mac OS from “
  2. Launch the application on your system.
  3. Now select the application or program which you would like to remove permanently as shown in this image.How to Uninstall Apps on Mac
  4. After selecting the application, you have to click on the Remove button which you will find in the bottom. So finally this is How to Uninstall Apps on Mac quickly.

This process is really simpler than the above method where we have to manually remove all the associated folders related to our applications in order to uninstall it.

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Final Words

Hence clearing off the memory to aid efficiency and accuracy of your MAC using the above methods would be beneficial. Hoping we’ve helped you in all the ways possible ways.

That’s it, This was all about How to Uninstall Apps on Mac and other programs. We have written 2 methods, we would always prefer you manual uninstallation of programs on mac rather than using any third party software because at the end we know that all the files and folders of those programs are not taking up any useless space and are completely removed from our system. If you guys face any problem in the middle while following our tutorial then please let us know in the comment section below.

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