How to Root Android without PC or Laptop

The Android smartphone comes with more features than any other mobile operating system in the market. The smartphones shipped with the Android Operating System always have the advantage of unique features that are not present in most of the competing operating systems. But, the Android OS is modified by the device manufacturers, and the users may not get access to full features. So, Rooting the device becomes inevitable to gain access to the features that are not accessible. In this tutorial of TechCrits we are going to show How to root android without PC or any other devices.

If you are facing the issue of missing features or want to increase the performance of the smartphone or do any activity that is blocked because of the restrictions from Device Manufacturers, you’ll need to root the device to gain access to all of these. In this post, we are sharing information about how to root android without PC or the laptop. But before proceeding with information about how to root android phone without PC, you should read what is rooting and what is the use of rooting android smartphones.

What is Root?

If you are wondering what is rooting and how does it helps you, then you’ll get all the answers here. The Rooting is the process of unlocking an Android smartphone, from the Restrictions imposed by the Device Manufacturers. When you Root the smartphone, you get full access to the smartphone contents, and you can flash new firmware, modify the current firmware, introduce or remove any of the features as you like.

The main reason Device Manufacturers disable the Root access for users is because of the Security reasons. If the Root access if found by any malicious app, then you are doomed. The Malicious app, having the Root access can access all information and harm your device. That’s why Rooting the Android device is not recommended for newbies.

However, Rooting is pretty safe if we install the SU binaries. The SuperUser binaries are the program which allows you to Grant or Denies the root permissions to any application. So, you are in-charge of allowing any app to get root permissions and this makes the Rooting safe for every android users.

If you are looking for a guide on How to root android without PC, then refer to following points.

How to Root Android Without PC

Many Android users don’t have access to the computers and want to root their Android smartphones. For such users, we are sharing the best and working methods that’ll help you to root android without PC.

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Use One-Click-Root Apps

There are many one-click-root apps for Android smartphones. These apps are helpful if you want to gain root access to your smartphone. You have to install the one-click-root app like Framaroot or Kingoroot on your device, and the app will root your smartphone within few minutes.  Here is the list of some of the best one-click-root apps for Android smartphones.

  • Framaroot: The Framaroot is one of the most popular rooting apps for Android. If you are searching an answer to How to root android without Pc, then you should set eyes on Framaroot. The Framaroot uses the known vulnerabilities in the Android Operating system to gain root access. The app applies appropriate exploits and gains root access so that you can modify the Android operating system to add/ remove features, increase the performance and install custom ROMs.

How to Root Android Without PC with Framaroot?

Rooting your smartphone with the one-click-root apps like Framaroot is very simple. Here are the steps to do the same within few minutes.

  1. First of all, download the Framaroot APK file on your smartphone. You can download the latest version from this link [ Link of Framaroot APK Site ].
  2. Now, install the APK file in your smartphone. Make sure you have Enabled the “Installation from Unknown Sources” in Security Settings. how to root android without pc
  3. Open the Framaroot app from the App Drawer and you’ll be greeted with option to root your smartphone.
  4. There will be multiple exploits named like Gandalf or Aragorn, etc. Tap on any one of these exploits to start the Rooting to root android device without pc
  5. After successful rooting, the app will show you success popup message.
  6. Now, it’s time to install the Supersu Binary in the device. Tap on the “Install SuperSU” to start Superuser installation. how to root android phone without pc
  7. After completion, restart your smartphone and you are ready to install Android root apps.
  • VRoot –  The VRoot is also one of the favorite rooting apps for Android smartphones. The VRoot unlocks the Android smartphone and gives you the opportunity to access new features in the Android OS.  
    The VRoot has widely used the Rooting app for Android if you are looking for an answer to how to get root access on android without PC. The Root Access combined with the SU Binaries make your phone an unlocked beast, which is possible with the help of VRoot App.

Final Words

I hope you’ve learned How to root android phone without PC. As a nerd, we’ve covered all topics that shared answers to How to root android without PC. If you are interested in rooting your Android smartphone, then you should try to root the device with the help of apps mentioned above.

So, this is all about how to get root access on android without PC. You can root every Android smartphone, and that too without losing your data and without harming your smartphone. If you have any doubts about how to root android phone without PC, then please comment down below.

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