How to Print Text Messages from iPhone

The SMS messages and the WhatsApp messages are pretty valuable for anyone. In the court of justice, the SMS Messages are considered as the proof against anyone. So, learning how to print text messages from iPhone is one of the most important things. If you are wondering how to print text messages from iPhone, then you should check out the methods I’ve shared in this post.

Making a hard copy of all your sent and received text messages is very important from the legal aspect. If you are willing to prove something to the attorney, then you should use the iPhone text messages as proof. In this post, I will share methods that’ll teach you how to print text messages from iPhone.

With these methods, you’ll be able to save the text messages and learn how to print text messages from iPhone for court.

How to Print Text Messages from iPhone?

Here are some of the most straightforward methods, that’ll answer your question of how to print text messages from iPhone. Some of the techniques are straightforward, and some ways need the use of external software. Choose the way that sounds most comfortable and suitable for your needs.

Method 1: Send Text Messages to Your Email Address

Well, you can copy and send the text messages to your email address. After you send them at your email address, it’s pretty easy to print text messages from iPhone.  To send the text messages to email and later print them easily, here are the steps that’ll lead you through.

  1. First of all, open the text message that you want to print out. Tap and hold on the Text messages to select the text and copy it.Copy Text Message iPhone
  2. Now, open the Email application in your iPhone device and tap on compose a new email.
  3. Enter your email address in the Address field and subject according to your choice. Paste the copied message in the Email Body and tap on “Save” or “Send.”Paste Text Message iPhone
  4. If you have entered another email address created just for storing the message, then you should tap the “Send” and if you are using the same email address in the app, then save the email.

Method 2: Take Screenshots of Messages

The screenshot is one of the best ways or feature to print text messages from iPhone. Not just only in iPhone, you can do the follow the same thing in Android devices to print them messages, taking screenshots of the messages is another answer to your question how to print text messages from Android. To take screenshots of the text messages in iPhone, follow these steps.

  1. First of all, open any samole Text message that you want to take a print.
  2. Now, press and hold the “Home” button and “Sleep/Wake” button for few moments. The iPhone will immediately take the screenshot of your screen, it will sound same as when we click a photo and camera sound shutters.How to Print Text Messages From Iphone
  3. You will find the screenshot image in the “Camera Roll” folder. Transfer all of the Screenshots in your Mac/Windows and then print them on the paper to use them as evidence in the court.

Method 3:  Use iPhone SMS Transfer Software

There are multiple third-party iPhone SMS transfer software programs, that’ll help you to backup all of the text messages from iPhone and later print it. If you are interested in using iPhone SMS transfer free, then you should use the following software program.

  1. First of all, open the web browser and then download the “iPhone Backup Extractor” program for free. Here is the link of their official site. { }iPhone SMS Transfer Software
  2. After downloading the program, install it in the PC. It’ll take only a few minutes.
  3. Now, connect your iPhone to the computer and take the backup of entire content with the help of iTunes program.  
  4. After backing up the iPhone contents, open the Free iPhone Backup Extractor program on your computer. In the iPhone Backup Extractor program, click on the “Select Backup” and choose the Backup file you stored on the to print text messages from iphone
  5. After choosing the backup file, the software will automatically analyze the backup and show you the list of contents in the backup. You have to click on Extract button on the side of “SMS” section.print text messages from iphone
  6. The program will extract all of the Text messages from your iPhone into the text or the word file. You can open the same in Microsoft word or any other Word Processing software.

So, these are the steps that’ll help you on how to print text messages from cell phone. Other simple methods help you to do so, and you can tell others how to print text messages from cell phone.

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Final Words

Printing text messages and making their hard copy always helps you in the bad times. You can prove your innocence in the court of justice by sharing the printed text messages as the evidence. I hope you learned how to print text messages from iPhone. First two methods are pretty simple, and you won’t need any  SMS transfer software for them. Except for the third method, where you are going to get the help of SMS transfer software programs.

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