How to Make Google My Homepage in all Web Browsers

Every time you try to search any query or question related to your academics or anything on Google, it always try its best to give you answer no matter what you’re searching, Google will always have thousands of solutions to your single question or any query you type. Well its little bit time consuming process when you are in hurry and want to urgently search something on Google and get the result as soon as possible, on that part you at first open up your Browser, Google Chrome or Firefox (Most used browsers world wide) and then type and then type your query to get the results.

Rather than typing and then entering your query, How about making this process a little faster? Like How to Make Google My Homepage in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer?

As I said earlier, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are the most utilized browser used by worlds population. In some browsers like Opera Mini, Firefox and Internet Explorer whenever you will open their browser, it will redirect you to their official page well its totally different in Google Chrome, whenever we open Chrome and search something directly, it will always redirect you to the Google search results.

We have written a small guide on How to Make Google My Homepage, by implementing below steps you will able to set to your Homepage as Google so you don’t have type every time you open your browser, its really irritating process

How to Make Google My Homepage

Whenever you try to search something using Google Chrome, it will automatically redirect to you to the Google Search Results, but in other browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera Mini, it will redirect you to their official search engine sites, in such cases you have to set Google as your Homepage

How to make as the homepage on your desktop in Google Chrome?

  • Open Google Chrome and then Go to Settings

Google Chrome Settings

  • Go to Appearance and click on Enable Show Home Button 
  • After clicking on Show Home Button you will see one option to enter the URL, just simply edit and type

How to Make Google My Homepage

  • After doing above steps, now whenever you will open your Google Chrome browser, it will open Google as a Homepage by default

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How to Make Google My Homepage in Mozilla Firefox

  • Open up Mozilla Firefox Browser and open Settings from top-right corner and click on Options

Mozilla Firefox Settings

  • Go to search bar and type Home page and you will the default loading page whenever you open Mozilla Firefox

Make Google My Homepage

  • Select “Show your home page” option and then enter in Home Page input

How to Make Google My Homepage

  • Once you are done editing Make Google My Homepage by entering the URL in the input box, whenever you will open your Firefox browser, it will open Google as a home page by default.

How to Make Google My Homepage in Opera Mini

  • Open Opera Mini Browser on your PC and from Menu, click on Settings

Opera Mini Home Page settings

  • After opening Settings Tab you will see three options under On Start Up Tab.

Opera Mini Home Page settings

  • Click on Open a specific page or set of pages, A pop-up will open where you have to enter as URL to set Google as your home page and click on OK to confirm.

How to Make Google My Homepage

  • At last its done, Now whenever you will Opera Mini, it will open as a home page by Default

So Finally in above guide we have shown how easily you can set Google as your Home page no matter which browser you use, you just have to go to browser settings and search for the default home page  and enter URL, so whenever in future you try to open any browser it will open Google home page at first. This thing actually saves a lot of time, moreover when a person is in hurry and want to search something immediately.

If you have any kind of question, please mention them below in comments and we will try our best to help you out.

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