How to Fix Windows Error: One or More Network Protocols Are Missing

Every Network connectivity of your computer required the Windows Sockets Registry but if this registry shows any type of discrepancies due to one or another reason then One or more network protocols are missing on this computer or network protocols missing windows 10 error will appear on your computer. When your system is failed to connect to the internet and you try to to diagnose it then it will show you this error. In such cases; you may ping your destination but browser will not be able to ping it. There are many causes one can find behind this error but most of the time this happens due to the inconsistency in Winsock which is also known as Windows Sockets API.

Winsock causes the incoming and outgoing network request of the programs.One of this reason by this this issue has a possibility to arise is fault in your internet provider but if other device connected to the Internet service provider is fine then ISP is totally fine then one or more network protocols are missing error is in your system.  Due to this you will face difficulties in sharing files between computers and in some cases you won’t be able to access the internet. To solve this annoying problem we are again come up with the most convenient and efficient solution for the same.

Method 01: Hard reset your wireless router

Let’s start with the most easy solution for this problem. This solution requires to hard reset your wireless router. Every system has the default values set embedded in it. This values are perfectly set in order to proper function of the system but may be due to the internal or external problem caused to the problem this settings gets changed result in the dysfunction of your system. Hence, after hard setting your internet router all your settings and preferences will set to the their default values and hence there are high possibilities that  after hard resetting your internet router one or more network protocols are missing issue will get solved and also internet access will get restore.

Follow the below steps to reset your wireless router

  1. First, keep paperclip or any other type of pointy object ready with you.
  2. Now, find the recessed reset button which in present on your router. It is a small hole which you find at the back of a router and also you will find term “Reset” written above or below this button.
  3. Now, you have to carefully put the paperclip or pointy object on the reset button and push it all the way in that hole. Keep holding that pointy object in that hole for a few seconds. That’s it! After this your router will successfully get reset.

As soon your router gets reset; restart it and then reconfigure it.

Method 02: Make Change in Wireless Mode of your Router

This is another way of solving one or more network protocols are missing error. This also requires restore network protocols to default settings.

Let’s have a look on what changes you need to make in order to solve the problem.

Every wireless router has their specific Wireless Mode in it. In most of the wireless router it is default fixed to the 802.11g. You have to change this wireless mode to the 802.11b+g+n Wireless mode out of the box. If you are wondering how to restore network protocols to default settings then carefully read and follow the following steps given below:

  1. Go to the Administration and setting of your router and login to that with the help of any browser of your choice. In order to access the administration and setting panel of your router you have to read the instructions given in the user manual which you must have come up with the package of the wireless router.
  2. Now, clean everything in that panel which comes under the Wireless category which you will find by the name of “Wireless Mode” or simply “Mode”.
  3. After that set that wireless mode or mode of your router to the 11g or 11g – whichever fits to your system.
  4. That’s all! Save all the changes you have made and exit the administration and setting panel of your router.
  5. Now, restart your computer and wireless router and check whether network protocols are missing on this computer error has been resolved or not. Restart both your wireless router and your computer after you boost up your system.

Method 03: Use Command Prompt

Here are the few steps by which you can solve the one or more network protocols are missing error by using Command Prompt.

Follow the step by step given below:

  1. First of all, you need to Run Command Prompt as administrator. In order to run it as a administrator type Command prompt in search bar;  from the appeared window click right on the command prompt and then choose run as a administrator.

One or More Network Protocols Are Missing

  1. After this command  prompt will start. In that type “netcfg -d” and run it by pressing enter.
  2. Let that process complete. Don’t press anything in between the process. As soon as process will get complete your computer will get  restart.

Done!! Now check your system; this error must have been resolved from the computer.

Some users also suggests that one or more network protocols are missing error can also be solved by using the netsh int ipv4 install command. In order to run the computer; start the command prompt as administrator as mentioned above and then type “netsh int ipv4 install” in that Command Prompt. Run this command (Press Enter). As soon as the process gets complete your computer will restart and then check whether issue has been resolved or not.

We are more than hopeful that above three methods/solution will definitely solve network protocols missing error on this computer. The  network protocols missing error is very annoying but this solutions we have provided above are both easy and convenient to use.
In case you are facing any query feel free to write us in the comment section below.

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