How to Enable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Edge

Adobe Flash Player is one of the best media player to play Games, Audios and Videos online as well as offline but sometime it doesn’t work properly online. When we try to play any videos or audio online on websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc using Google Chrome or Firefox browser, it blocks the video and ask us to install or enable flash plugin in our browser. Many Google Chrome and Firefox users reported about this issue on their respective forums and then we found out that these browsers have built-in Flash plugin and all we need to do is Enable it from settings. In this tutorial we are going to guide you on How to Enable Adobe Flash Player in all browsers with one single click.

How to Enable Adobe Flash Player in Browser

So here in this tutorial we are not only going to show you how to enable adobe flash player in chrome, we will also show you how you can enable adobe flash player in other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

How to Enable Flash in Chrome

  1. Launch your Google Chrome browser from Desktop.
  2. Click on URL bar and type chrome://settings/content and hit Enter.How to enable flash in chrome
  3. Go to Content Settings and there you have to locate Flash player settings.
  4. Now there you have to click on Allow Allow sites to run Flash as shown in this image.Allow sites to run Flash
  5. Click on Done button and the settings will be saved permanently.
  6. If you want to enable more sites to enable flash plugins automatically while we are surfing on it then click on Manager Exceptions.enable flash in chrome windows 10
  7. You have to mention all the websites which you want white list. Type the URL and from choose Allow from options and then click on to enable flash player on chrome
  8. Finally you will be able to play audio, videos and games online on websites like Youtube and Dailymotion without any interruptions.

How to Enable Flash in Firefox

  1. Launch your Mozilla Firefox from Desktop.
  2. Move your cursor to top right corner and click on three bar icons and then Click on Add-ons How to enable flash in firefox
  3. It will open a small window. On left sidebar you will find Plugins setting, click on that and there you will find Shockwave Flash Plugin. Now there you have to select Always Activate option to enable to enable flash player on firefox
  4. The flash plugin will be permanently activated, if you want to disable it back then you can go back to settings and disable it.

How to Enable Flash in Opera

  1. In opera browser it is much easier to allow the flash plugins than rest other browsers. You will find Menu button on top left side of your Opera browser, click on that and then select Settings.How to enable flash in Opera
  2. It will open a new Settings tab, scroll down to bottom and there you have to locate Plugins category. Click on manage individual plugins as shown in this image below.enable adobe flash player in Opera
  3. Here you will find Shockwave Flash plugin as we have seen in Firefox and Chrome browser. You will find Enable button, click on that and it will be to enable flash in opera windows 10

How to Enable Adobe Flash Player in Microsoft Edge

  1. So we have to launch Microsoft Edge browser from Desktop same as we used to do it with other browsers.
  2. On top right corner, you will find three dot icon, click on that and from there select Settings to enable flash in edge
  3. Scroll down and click on View advanced settings.View advanced settings Edge
  4. Now you have to make sure you have enable “Use Adobe Flash Player” options.Use Adobe Flash Player
  5. Click on Save button and restart the browser and the settings will be changed. So finally we have enable adobe flash player for windows 10 chrome, edge, opera and firefox browser.

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Final Words

That’s it, We have shown you how to enable adobe flash player in chrome, opera, firefox and microsoft edge browsers. We have personally tried and tested all the methods written above. If you face any issues while following our tutorial then please let us know in comments section and we will help you.

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