How to Disable Touchpad in Windows 10/8.1/7

The laptop touchpad is the default standard pointing device which help us to navigate from one location to another over years. Since touchpads comes already in-built with laptops, we don’t need any external mouse device and moreover touchpads are irreplaceable. Whether you love touchpads or not, they still get used by us in some other ways. I personally love external mouse device because it makes me comfortable to work and for me touchpad actually reduces the work efficiency. Laptop users are the only one who face difficulties when they are new to it and the keyboard start interfering with their trackpad/touchpad while doing some important work. This is the main reason why I always suggest external mouse over trackpad because it will not only make our work easier, it will also help us to increase our work efficiency to do better. We have seen many people who want to Disable their trackpads in Laptop and they are facing issues while disabling it. In this tutorial we are going to show you a simpler way on how to Disable Touchpad in Windows operating system quickly.

How to Disable Touchpad in Windows Laptops

Before proceeding further in this tutorial let me ask you one question that, do you really want to permanently disable the trackpad of your laptop or you just want to turn off touchpad for temporary purpose?

No worries, we got you, we are going to show both the ways on how to disable touchpad in laptop. The best solution to disable the trackpads totally depends on the laptop you are using, if you want to disable it for permanent purpose then you can delete the touchpad drivers from Device Manager or if you want to disable it temporarily then you will find a Fn+F9 or Fn+F7 or Fn+F6 keys on your keyboard which can disable it temporarily as shown in this image.

how to disable touchpad

Manufacturers likes Dell, Lenovo, HP, ASUS and few more provides an inbuilt button to turn off touchpad. but if you don’t find any keys as shown in the above image then we can help you out to solve your issue manually ahead in this tutorial.

Method 1: How to Disable Touchpad on Windows 10 Laptops

This method is specifically made for Windows 10 users, so if you are using Windows 10 operating system, follow the steps below. When you will connect an external mouse, Windows 10 OS will equips you an option to disable the laptop touchpad automatically, lets see how it works.

  1. In the very first step of this method, open Windows 10 Settings from Start menu or you can simply press Windows+I button from your keyboard.
  2. Inside Settings windows, you have to find Devices option and from there you have to click on Touchpad as shown in this image.turn off touchpad
  3. Here in this image you will find two options, the first option is you have to click on that On to Off button to disable the trackpad of your laptop or the second option is you can untick the “Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected” option. The second option is the one I use it personally, whenever I connect my external mouse, the in-built trackpad gets disable for that timespan.

Method 2: Disable Touchpad from Control Panel

In this method we are going to turn off touchpad using Windows Control Panel manually, although this method is little complex but effective.  First you need to find the software which was installed by the manufacturer in your Laptop and from there we are going to disable it using Properties options.

  1. Open Control Panel window from Start or you can Press Windows+R button and type Control Panel and hit Enter button.
  2. Inside Control Panel you have to locate Hardware and Sound options and from there you have to navigate to Devices and Printers.
  3. You will find Mouse option, click on it as shown in this to disable trackpad
  4. It will open up a small window where you have to navigate to “Device Settings” tab and there you have to click on “Disable touchpad when an external pointing device is connected checkbox” to disable to disable mousepad
  5. Click on Apply and then OK, Restart your system and you will find that your trackpad will be disabled for temporary purpose. It will disabled unless and until you don’t enable it back manually from here.

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Final Words

So Finally you can now use your external mouse to work on your laptop without any interruptions, the trackpad has been successfully disabled. This is how we can Disable Touchpad in Windows operating system. If you guys face any problems while following how to disable touchpad in laptop tutorial, you can let us know in comment section below and we will help you out to get rid of this irritating problem.

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