How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC [Full Guide]

So you just bought your new xbox one controller from Microsoft store? You must super excited to try this controller by playing some action games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, GTA 5, etc, right? That’s awesome.

Are you aware of how you can connect this xbox controller to your computer? You might be facing problems while connecting your new controller and we hope that you would be in need of some tutorial or guide on how to connect xbox one controller to PC, so today here in this tutorial we are going to guide you on how to use xbox one controller on PC. This procedure is little long but I assure you that it is worth your time because in this we might need to install some xbox one controller PC driver if they are not installed in your system. So let’s start this tutorial without wasting up more time.

Do Note: Basically there are total 3 ways to connect xbox one controller to PC, if your Xbox One controller is wired one then you have to follow the first method. 

Short on Time? Here’s the summary of How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC

To Connect Xbox One Controller to PC, you will need a micro-USB cable. First, connect the cable to the PC. Second, connect the other end of the cable to the Xbox One controller. Finally, turn on the Xbox One controller by holding down the Guide button. The Xbox button will light up when it’s turned on. You can now use the Xbox One controller to play games on your PC.

If you are using Wireless Xbox One controller then you will need Xbox Wireless Adapter or Bluetooth controller to connect your xbox controller to PC and for that, we have written separate methods. All you need to do is follow these methods which we are going to mention below in this guide.

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC – 3 Ways

So Before we dig into the detail process of connecting xbox one controller to PC, first we need to install xbox one controller pc driver, you can download these drivers from Xbox official website

Once the drivers are downloaded, you have to open the executable(.exe) file and install it on your system. After installation, restart your Windows so that it can make changes in the back-end of the system.

Way 1: Connect your Xbox One controller to PC Using a USB cable

This method is basically for those who have Xbox One Wired controller, if you have a wireless controller then the next 2 methods are for you. So let’s start, in this method first we want to make sure that the Xbox one PC drivers are already installed in your system, If the drivers are installed in your system then we are good to go.

Pro tip: It doesn’t matter if your Xbox one controller is wired or wireless, you can always use the USB cable to connect your controller to your system.

  • If you want to connect your wireless controller to PC using wire then you will need a USB cable to connect it to the computer.
  • If your controller already has built-in wire then you can easily connect it and your are good to go. Plug the other end of the micro USB to your Laptop or Computer.
  • As soon as you plug in this wire inside your system, Windows will show you a small pop regarding connecting xbox one controller on PC.
  • Your system automatically detected the controller because in above step we installed the drivers for it. Finally the controller is connected to your device, now launch any game and go to controller options and there you have to select “Xbox One controller” instead of your computer keyboard.

Way 2:  Connect your Xbox One controller to PC Using a Wireless Adapter

In the above method, we taught you how you can easily connect your wireless Xbox controller to PC using USB cable. In this method we are going to show you how you can connect your Wireless gamepad to your computer using Xbox Wireless Adaptor, so lets see how it works.

  1. You have to first plug in the Wireless Adapter to your system USB port which came with your xBox one gamepad package.
  2. Please ensure that your Xbox controller batteries are charged properly to 100%.
  3. Now you have to press Xbox button which you will find on your controller.
  4. After pressing Xbox button, press bind button which is situated on the left of your controller. When you will press that bind button, your gamepad LED will start blinks and  As soon as it stops blinking, it will start connecting it to your computer.
  5. So your controller is finally connected to your using that Wireless Adapter, now you can enjoy endless gaming using this gamepad. All you need to do is change the controller of your game from keyboard to Xbox one controller.

Way 3: Connect your Xbox One Controller to PC using Bluetooth

As we have discussed above that there are 2 types of Xbox controllers and that are Wired controller and Wireless controller. Wireless controllers falls into two types, one which can connect to PC using a wireless adapter which we have discussed in the above method and the one which can be connected using Bluetooth. In this method, we are going to focus on how to connect Xbox controller to PC using Bluetooth.

  1. To connect your controller via Bluetooth, first, you have to make sure that your Windows is up to date and on both the devices the Bluetooth should be turned on and ready to pair.
  2. You can press the Xbox button on your controller to turn the Bluetooth ON.
  3. Now again you have to press and hold the controller bing button to pair it with the system. It will open the Settings in your Windows OS. You have to click on Devices option.
  4. Now click on Add Bluetooth or another device.
  5. Now the Windows will start searching for your Controller and as soon as the system gets signal, it will automatically pair with your computer.
  6. So finally the controller is connected to your computer via Bluetooth successfully.

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Final Words

That’s it, these were the three ways on how to connect Xbox one controller to PC, you can simply launch your favourite game like GTA V or Battlefield or PUBG and from Controller settings you have to manually change and assign the keys, if you guys face any problem while following this tutorial then please let us know in comment section and we will surely help you out.

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