How to Charge Your iPhone Without a Charger

Are you not good at handling the iPhone charger with you? Always lose the iPhone charger while traveling somewhere? Well, all you have to think is how to charge your iPhone without a charger. It seems impossible to charge any smartphone without using the charger unless it supports the wireless charging. But unfortunately, your phone does not support the wireless charging. How will you handle the situation after losing the original charger and want to know how to charge your iPhone without a charger?

Well, we know how to do it without using the official iPhone charger. In this post, we are going to share some working ways to charge your iPhone without a charger. Carefully read the methods that I am sharing with you in this post and learn how to charge an iPhone without a charger when its dead.

Is this Real Thing? Can I Charge my iPhone without using Charger?

Well yes! It’s a real thing, and there are multiple ways to charge your iPhone without a charger. This is pretty helpful when you don’t have an original iPhone charger with you, or you lost it somewhere and can’t find it anywhere in your home. Although, it’s not magic at all which will power up your iPhone without even touching it. There are some gadgets and workarounds, that’ll help you to charge your iPhone and start using it again.  Here are the ways following which you can charge your dead iPhone and bring it back to the life.

How to Charge Your iPhone without a Charger?

Here are some workarounds, and some gadgets that’ll help you to power up the device and bring it back to the life within a few minutes to make essential calls or just play your favorite games.

Use USB Cable to Charge the iPhone

ways to charge your phone without a charger

I know you don’t have a charger to charge your device, but you have the USB cable that you use to connect the iPhone to PC. Well, that is going to help you in charging your device. Just use the USB cable and attach it to your computer and your phone will start charging itself. Make sure the PC is running. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time. Not just the computer, but you can plug in the USB cable to another USB charger of your friend, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the Android smartphone charger or any other smartphone charger.

In case you don’t have any access to the computers, then you should locate the USB Female ports in the Wall sockets. Most of the popular Cafes, Office Locations, and the Homes nowadays have USB   installed in the wall. So, you just need to plug the USB cable in the Wall Socket and start charging your smartphone.

Use Power Banks

how to charge an iphone without a charger when its dead

The Power Banks are a pretty recent addition to our arsenal as they provide on-the-go power to most of the electronics devices. The power banks are the answer to how to charge your iPhone without a Charger. The Power Banks are just the Cells or batteries that store the electricity for you to carry on anywhere you want. With the optimal power output suitable for the smartphones, they are the best source of power to juice up your iPhone or any other smartphone.  

There are tons of different brands out there in the market selling the power banks, make sure you buy a branded and high capacity power bank, so you can charge your smartphone multiple times in single charge to the power bank.

Use Solar iPhone Charger Devices

how to charge iphone with android charger

Instead of using the traditional AC current we get from the Power Grid, it’s smarter to use the Solar power which is free and abundant on the earth. The Solar iPhone charger devices make use of the Solar panels to generate electricity and then charge the iPhone with the help of USB cable. Just like the Power Banks, there are multiple brands in the market selling Solar iPhone chargers. Not just the smartphones, but you can use the Solar Charger devices to charge any smartphone, Power Bank or even the laptops if supported. So, it’s a multipurpose device that you should carry anywhere you travel without worrying about the original iPhone charger.

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Final Words

You now know about almost all of the available options to charge your iPhone without a charger. Now, stop searching on google about how to charge iPhone with Android Charger, as it’s utterly useless. All of the Android Chargers are incompatible with the iPhone. So, make sure you follow these ways to power up your iPhone in case you don’t have access to the original iPhone charger.  I hope you loved this post and learned how to charge your iPhone without a Charger.

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