How to change username on Windows 10?

Facing problem while changing username on Windows 10, your full name along with email address is the first thing that shows up on your PC if you are using Windows 10. It appears on the sign in screen, and personal information has been taken from the Microsoft Account of your computer.

It is very interesting to have your personalized name on your screen but it can be an issue of privacy and also can be awkward when you tend to use your personal computer in the public space. Hence, it would be useful to change username on windows 10.

Because one of the main concern is that it doesn’t give the luxury to change username windows 10 and chuck out your full name as it allows to use this when you are using a local user account. But now it is possible to do so; it can be done by changing the Microsoft Account name online to other names which will maintain your privacy. We are providing a guide on how to change username on windows 10? You can do this by naming it something which won’t reveal your original identity by using only a few letters of your name or words which are totally different and only known to you.

How to change username on Windows 10?

Follow these simple to change username on windows 10:

In case you are having the local account in your system then also it is possible to change account name windows 10. Below are the steps which will be useful to change the name of your account which will appear on the sign in screen.

  1. First of all press the Windows key + X simultaneously. This will open the Power user menu.
  2. From the power user menu; select the Control Panel.
  3. There you will see the option named; Change Account type link. Click on that.Click the Change account type link.
  4. The menu bar will appear; from that menu bar choose the local account.
  5. Search for the “change the account name” link. And click on that.
    change account name windows 10
    change account name in windows 10
  6. In the pop-up box appeared; write the whatever name you wish to write.
  7. At last; click on Change Name button which will change the name.
    windows 10 change username
    windows 10 change account name
  8. That’s done; you will see change username windows 10.

Above method isn’t working? Try this method to change account name on windows 10

  1. At first; you need to simultaneously click on the Windows key + I. This keyboard shortcut will take you to the Setting App.
  2. From the appeared menu; click on the option of Accounts.
  3. Next; choose the option of “email and accounts”.
  4. Now; from the given option-click the Manage My Microsoft Account Link which will redirect you to your web browser and will open up your profile.
    Manage Microsoft Account in windows 10
    Manage Microsoft Account in windows 10
  5. From the main page; click the Edit name.
    Edit username in windows 10
    Edit Username in Windows 10
  6. Now, edit your name to the something which will be less identifiable and only known to you. After that click on the option of saving.
    change username on Windows 10
    windows 10 change account name
  7. That’s all. Now, restart your computer. After it gets restart, you will see the change in your sign-in screen. But in some cases, the changes won’t be immediate. Don’t panic; some system can take time for the changes to sync it to your machine.
  8. But please take note that; whatever change account name windows 10 you will make by using above steps will also change the name on your account and other Microsoft Services. Apart from your system; this will also change the name of account which is connected to your Microsoft account.

Above we have provided you two ways to change the name on sign screen. It is essential to change the username because of the various privacy and confidentiality issue that can come while using your system in public.

We hope it helps you. For any query write us in the comment section below.

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