Grammarly Review: Best Tool to Check Grammar & Plagiarism?

Grammarly Review: Best Tool to Check Grammar & Plagiarism?

Are you a blogger; or aspiring to be a blogger? Then you should know that you have to be best at writing skills. No matter how good your idea or experiences is; but until that can not be curated with the beautiful writing skills; you have very less chances to gain a success.

Knowing the fact that blogging is all about sharing and writing your ideas and experiences you can not afford to do a silly grammatical errors. But for the non-native English bloggers, some of this mistakes are bound to happen.

So; are you also one of them who is going through one such problem but not able to find a appropriate solution for it then don’t you worry today we will introduce you with tool known as Grammarly. We have done grammarly review which will take away all your problems quickly.

Grammarly is the name of that application. This article is about the grammarly review.  From the day it has been launched in the market; it has become the saviour of thousand of bloggers.

Grammarly online is useful not only for the grammar mistakes but also it will give you a option of making your sentences more attractive by reframing it.

Grammarly is one of the best grammar checker tool available in the market today.This app is very useful not only for bloggers but also for the students, professionals and all the individuals who owes a writing as their business or hobby.

One of the quickest way your content can be unattractive and unreadable to your reader are your Grammatical errors. Hence, Grammarly online is no less than a boon for the bloggers who loves to write but struggle with the english language. In the below

This article is about the grammarly review, we will try to make your aware about the every aspects of  Grammarly including its pros and cons. is a boon for those bloggers that struggle with how they write. This will consist of grammar and mainly about its benefits for the blogger. Also, it is the only online grammar correction app available which also provides you the service of checking plagiarism, But is grammarly worth it? To find the answer you have to read the below grammarly review.  

So,lets start.

What is Grammarly?

So, most of bloggers writes on the web directly and also, professionals, students have their important email to send online. There are fear of inevitable grammatical mistakes which may not afford to do. Hence, grammarly provides you the option of installing grammarly extension for your most of the browser.

Presently, it is available for the Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE (To avail this; you have to install the version of these browsers supported by Grammarly). You need to have the Grammarly Lite.

Grammarly free trial browser extension which allows you to to integrate the proofreading tools directly into your websites. To start this service, you have to enter your email address to sign in to your Grammarly Lite. And you don’t worry your email address will only be used for the maintaining your personal dictionary.

How can you use it on your web browser?

After enabling the extension from the browser setting, you will automatically see the red (spelling) and green (grammar) lines underlying the words or phrases that consist of mistakes.  In order to correct that mistakes you just need to click on the error lines or the grammarly icon which will pop up icon suggesting changes.

It will also give you the explanation of grammar or spelling rule you may have broken. It also has very detailed plugin which is quite impressive. This is very useful to keep your spelling and grammar at accurate point which it has to be. The main functions of the grammarly is to keep check on Common Spelling and Grammatical Error and also to give you the various options of Synonyms for words while typing.

Is it wise decision to purchase Grammarly Premium Account?:

Next in our grammarly review we are going to tell about paid account. The basic account of the grammarly is for free of cost. Though you can use the free version of grammarly but this will have the limited features in it. But if you are full-time blogger or writer or professional which requires good writing skills then you may need to get the subscription of premium plan for Grammarly.

As we have mentioned earlier that use of the grammarly is for free but at the same time Grammarly is also offering you option of paid account with a additional features. That is called as Grammarly Premium account.

Lets have look to the grammarly premium review. It is a paid upgrade version of grammarly which is giving you the approximately 400 different types of checks and features. This will give you the check system for the grammatical errors, offers you the vocabulary enhancement suggestions, advanced plagiarism checker as well as provide the citation suggestions.

Though premium account making you to pay money but we want to make you sure that this investment is worth for every penny of yours.

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The additional feature which you going to get in the Premium account of Grammarly are the access to more than double number of rules of grammars, plagiarism checker as well as the  vocabulary enhancement tool which is helpful to find the alternatives to the use which was always default. Hence if you ask us is grammarly worth it? Then it is worth.

How does it work?

The best thing about the grammarly app is that it is very easy to use. As we have told earlier also that the grammarly enable the automatic detection of grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in your writing. All this will make your writing a beautiful piece to read.

So, there are two ways through which you can use the features of grammarly.

  1. Copy and paste your piece of writing into the Grammarly online Editor box.
  2. Install the Grammarly’s free browser extension for browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.

In both the cases, the algorithms of the grammarly will detect and highlight the potential issues in the text and will suggest you the context specific correction for the grammar, spelling, wordiness, style, punctuation, and also for the plagiarism.

The popularity of the grammarly is also because it give you a explanation of the mistakes and suggest you the various correction also. This will help you to make a informed decision about the correction of issue. The suggestion also helps you to gain the more knowledge about the English grammar.

What’s more inside the Grammarly?

Apart from the beautiful services of online text editor; they are also providing you with the free products. Grammarly is offering you a free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox which is capable of correcting critical errors in order to offer  you a confident writing experience.

The browser extension is capable of bringing the powerful algorithm of the grammarly straight to your desktop no matter where are you writing online be it a Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

Its algorithm is able to correct the mistake of your texts with a single click of mouse. In addition to all these impressive features; grammarly is also providing you the many of great content which will help you to improve your skills. You can correct mistakes in your text with a single click.

In addition, Grammarly offers lots of great content to help you improve your skills. On their website you can easily find out the Grammarly Blog which provide you with the daily tips, fun commentary, and valuable insights from the wonderful world of writing and grammar.

Is Grammarly worth it?

To give you more authentication of the Grammarly app further in this grammarly review; let’s have a look to the customers base of the Grammarly. Worldwide; grammarly is trusted by the millions of writers. The product of grammarly are also licensed by more than a 600 eminent educational institute and corporation.

This application is also helping the students to achieve their academic goals by improving their writing skills in essays, reports, theses, dissertations, and college entrance applications.

To talk about the use of grammarly in professional sector; then there also grammarly is highly trusted by professional of every field. Professionals of field such as aw, healthcare, academia, marketing, engineering, and journalism are using the grammarly to gain height of success in their respective sectors.

It is also powerful for the job seekers, non-native English-speaking professionals and also to the English language learners.


  • Fantastic online grammar knowledgebase.
  • Very helpful for the writers who self-publish.
  • Helpful for non-native English speakers and new writers.
  • You have the option to switch between US and British English


  • Quite expensive. Premium account is coming at $29.99 a month for a grammar checker
  • Very difficult to call it a replacement of human proofreader or an education.

Verdict for Grammarly Review

Here; we ends our grammarly review. Grammatical errors are one which any blogger can not afford to do but due to many circumstances it is bound to happen. This inevitable grammatical errors can reduces your readers. Hence, this grammarly free trial is very useful for any blogger to give them a edge to their writing skills. In today’s competitive world; our writing skills are very necessary to reach the height of success.

For more good and advanced features you need to spend some money from your pocket for the Grammarly online but the features which are provided by the premium account is worth to the every penny of your investment.

Grammarly needs to copy and paste your writing on its wall and in the period of Cambridge Analytica you must having a question is grammarly safe? Then don’t worry its grammarly; not Facebook.

If you are still having any kind of questions, feedback about grammarly review then feel free to write us on comment section below.

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