Download & Install Google Duo for PC

The video calling app from Google, Google Duo for PC is considered the best video calling application compared to other video calling applications available nowadays, like IMO, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line and many more. Today, communication is a very important part of our daily lives. In the past, people could only communicate using the telephone, but now with a smartphone, communication has become easier face to face and easier than before. Now we can communicate with anyone anywhere anytime in the world and the distance between two people is just a number. We can see and talk with our loved ones face to face using the video calling applications effortlessly. The Interface of Google Duo for PC is much simpler and it has dedicated controls for communicating.

There are lots of video calling apps that are available on the play store but none of them can give you the high quality and secured video calling that is provided by Google Duo for PC. That’s why people will prefer Google Duo app for Video call purpose over any other app. Most of the Google products are safe and very secure to use, so security and product quality is not a problem.

Duo for PC

With a single click on your contact, you can make a call to anybody anytime anywhere. There is absolutely no need to worry about the data used while making a video call since it consumes very less data while being used. You worry about data flow while using Google Duo just enjoy the great experience provided by it. It consumes very fewer data as compared to any other video calling app on Android. And not just video calls with Google Duo you can also make voice calls. With Google Duo you can quickly make audio or video call to your close ones anytime, anywhere and that too totally free of cost. And now by installing it on your PC, you can experience Duo on a bigger screen.

Google for Duo Features

Google Duo for Windows PC comes with the following features

  1. The user interface is simple and easy to use i.e. the app can be controlled by you easily for making both voice and video calls.
  2. Google Duo comes with the Knock Knock feature it is an amazing feature that allows you to see the person who called you even before attending the call. So, if someone unknown is calling you will know who it is because of this feature.
  3. The best thing about any app is how much data it uses the less the best and Google Duo tops the list of less data usage, it provides high clarity video calling even at slower internet speed as slow as 2G with little data usage.
  4. Transmission speed in Duo is two times lesser than other such applications and data usage is three times lesser than other apps, making it the most desirable app out there.
  5.    With Google Duo for Windows, you can now send video messages who likes those long and boring voicemails if someone is busy just leave a brief video message for them to know that you called.
  6. Another interesting feature of Google Duo is that you may now be able to call some of your contacts who have the latest android even if they do not have Google Duo installed on their phone, so no need to worry if the recipient has Google Duo or not.
  7. Your video call is end to end encrypted so nobody can eavesdrop on your private conversations.

How to Download Google Duo for PC on Windows 10/8/7

Google Duo is a great application for making a video call but since it has not been officially released for PC windows yet, we need an Android Emulator for downloading and running Google Duo on windows PC. An Android Emulator is a software that can be used to run any android application on your PC. There are many Android Emulators available in the market but I would suggest you use Bluestacks App player for your PC.

These simple steps are all you need to follow to install Google Duo on your PC.

  1. For running Google Duo for windows on your PC, you first need to download Bluestacks on your system.
  2. Bluestacks can be downloaded from its official site for PC
  3. After downloading the installer, install Bluestacks  on your system and once it is done you need to restart your PC.
  4. When the Bluestacks application is run for the first time it may take some time initializing so don’t try to close it forcefully, after the first time it will run smoothly, so don’t worry.bluestacks initializing
  5. Once your Bluestacks application is open, go to the play store application.
  6. Sign in with your current Google Account.
  7. Search for Google Duo on play store and the download Google Duo for PC.
  8. Install the Google Duo application for your PC and give it all the required duo for pc bluestacks
  9. Launch the Google Duo for Windows App from your home screen.Duo for PC Windows
  10. Here again you have to sign in to your Google account if you want to do communication with your friends and familyGoogle Duo on Windows

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Final Words

That’s it, this is how you can install Google Duo for PC, before launching this application just make sure you should have a working webcam through which you can easily do video calling with your friends. Being able to communicate with loved ones and friends is a really very good experience. I hope this article was able to clear all queries about downloading and installing Google Duo on PC. If you still face any issues or get stuck in between then please let us know in comment section below and we will surely answer your query.

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