Download GarageBand for Windows PC 10/8.1/7

If you ask me for the recommendation of the best music production software, then I will say “Garageband.” There is no other software for music production better than the Garageband. If you are using a Windows computer, then you may know that there is no Garageband for windows available on the internet to download. This software is only available for macOS users. So, if you are willing to use the software, you need to have the MacBook or iMac computer and There is no sense to purchase a Macbook or iMac just to run the Garageband application.

But what if you have the Windows computer and want to use the Garageband for Windows on your computer? Well, that’s sad news for you that Garageband is not officially available on the Windows computers yet. So, you have to follow methods to install and use GarageBand for PC. That’s precisely what we are going to do in this post. In this post, we are going to share a working method, which is the only method that’ll allow you to install Garageband for Windows 10 on your computer.

What is this Garageband Software?

Garageband for Windows

The Garageband is one of the best music production software for musicians and vocal artists. With the help of this software, the musicians can arrange and compose the songs, edit the songs, do the voiceover and almost anything music related stuff. The Garageband is the software created by the Apple and exclusively available for the iOS and MacOS devices only.

This software program gives you the access to almost every available music instrument in the world. So, you can use the Virtual device within the software to record the music or use the physical instrument and then record the music with this software. In short, this is a versatile music production software that every musician and artist loves to use.

How to Download and Install Garageband for Windows?

As this is the Mac only software, we are restricted to follow only one method. Although, the app is available for the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad and we could have used the iOS emulator to run the app on PC, but, the feature set available in the smartphone version of this software is way less and it’s literally useless for the professional music production and you don’t want to waste your time using the featureless software program. That is the reason we are focusing on the Garageband For PC.

Garageband Download for PC/Laptop

If you are looking for Garageband Download for PC, then I’m afraid to tell you that it is not possible. As this is the Mac-only software program, we are not able to download and use it on the Windows computer as it is. That’s why we are following this only method to install Garageband for Windows PC and then use it for professional Music recording and arranging.

How to Install Garageband – Use VMWare Virtual Machine

The most common way to use the Garageband is to use the Virtualization software program. The Virtualization software program simulates the operating system APIs, so you can use the app designed for that particular OS within your computer with different OS. In this tutorial, we are going  to use the VMWare Virtualization program.

The VMWare is the Virtual machine software, which can run any operating system on your Windows system. If you are using the Windows computer and want to run the MacOS on PC without shutting down the Windows, then you can do so using the VMWare software. Just provide an ISO or Image file of the operating system that you are willing to run, and it’s done.

In this method, we are using the  VMware and then installing the MacOS to open the Garageband Software and then use it to record, arrange and synchronize the music. Here are the exact steps to download VMWare and install it to run the Garageband for Windows 10 computers.

  1. First of all, download the “MacOS Sierra.Rar” file, which contains the MacOS Sierra.iso file from official site. Make sure you have high-speed unlimited internet connection as the file is above 5GB.
  2. Once downloaded, Go to the VMWare official site and download the appropriate version of the installer. After downloading, click on the downloaded installer and follow on-screen procedures to complete the installation.
  3. Go to the Download location of MacOS Sierra.Rar file and double-click to open it with the WinRar or similar software and extract it.  Downloading MacOS Sierra to install GarageBand for pc
  4. In the Extracted folder, find “Win-install” batch file and run it as Administrator. The Batch file will retrieve essential components to run the MacOS with VMWare. executing Win-install file
  5. Now, Double-click on the VMWare Shortcut on Desktop to open it.
  6. In the VMWare, click on “Create new virtual machine” and then click on “I will Install Operating System Later” and then click “Next
  7. Now, select the appropriate Operating System options. Choose the “Mac OS X” and then select the “OS X 10.11” version and click Next.Creating Mac virtual machien to install GarageBand for windows 10
  8. In next window, give your system a name so you can identify it later and then click “Next” again.
  9. It’s time to allocate space to your hard drive. Allocate the appropriate amount of hard disk space and then click “Store Virtual Disk as a Single File” option and click “Next”.Creating Virtual Disk for Garageband Installation
  10. The Virtual Machine with Macintosh is Created on the Windows. It’s time to edit this MacOS Sierra. Click on the “Virtual Machine Settings” option and make Following Edits:
    * Remove – Hard Disk (SATA)”
    Remove Harddrive from Virtual Machine
    * Add – Hard Disk – SATA. Click “Use an Existing Virtual Disk”.

    Adding New Virtual Harddrive for GarageBand Installation
  11. Once you click on “Use an Existing  Virtual Disk”, go to the Download location of MacOS Sierra.Rar and then browse the extracted folder and select the “macOS 10.12.vmdk” file.
    Selecting MacOS for Garageband Installation
  12. That’s all with the Virtual Machine Settings. You can change the additional settings like Allocated RAM and the Virtual CPU Cores for better performance.
  13. Now, it’s time to tweak “macOS Sierra.vmdk” file a bit. Go to the location where you’ve extracted the image. Find this file and open it with the Notepad. At the end of this file, paste the following code and press “Ctrl+S” key combination on the keyboard to save it.
    Launching GarageBand for Windows
    smc.version = “0”

    Editing Garageban files for smooth performance
  14. That’s it! You’ve completed configuring the MacOS on VMWare and ready to use Garageband for Windows computers.

How to Run Garageband For Windows?

As you’ve already completed the configuration of the MacOS Sierra on VMWare, it’s time to proceed with the First boot and then run the Garageband for Windows 10.

  1. First of all, open the VMWare and Run the MacOS sierra. When asked for an Image file, Browse the extraction location for downloaded folder and select the “MacOs Sierra.iso” file.
  2. VMWare will load and start the installation process. Just follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.How to use Garageband for Windows PC
  3. Once completed, the Virtual Machine will reboot and the process will take a few minutes as it is the First boot. Once booted, you are in the MacOS sierra and search for “Garageband” and run it and use it as you like. Garageband for PC Running

That’s it! Although, this is the one-time procedure and you have to spend a few minutes to follow these steps correctly.

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Best Garageband Alternatives for Windows

If you are not interested in following these tedious steps and install Vmware, Download iso file and configure it just to run the Garageband software, then you can look for Garageband Alternatives for Windows. There are tons of useful software programs for Music Production Engineers and the artists. Here is the list of some of the best Garageband Alternatives.

Audiotool GarageBand alternatives for windows

Ever heard of AudioTool? The is the online service and the tool that helps you to record, arrange and synchronize the music online. Everything on this tool is cloud-based. So, if you upload something or record any music, that’s automatically getting saved into the Cloud servers. So, you should not worry about the loss of Data.

The comes with the all of the required Presets, Effects, Samples and features required for producing music. The UI of this tool is very simple to use and clutter free. This online tool is not free as you have to buy the license online.

Cubase Pro 9

Cubase Pro 9 GarageBand alternatives for windows

The Cubase is another fantastic alternative to the Garageband. The Cubase is one of the most popular music production tools amongst the professional musician. With the useful features like Presets, samples. Autotune, Voice recording, MIDI recording, Arranging, Mixing and Music Sequencer, this becomes one of the favorites among the Musicians community.

The program is pretty advanced, so the newbies should avoid using this program. Just like the AudioTool, the Cubase Pro 9 is a premium software program, and you need to buy a license to be able to use it.

Final Words

The Garageband for Windows is fundamentally not possible as Apple has not released the Windows version of this fantastic Music software. But, in the technical aspects, we are now using the Garageband on Windows PC without any issues. Yes! The method is very tricky, and there is a chance of errors if you are a newbie. But, everything is useful if you are getting positive results.

This is how you can install the MacOS on Windows using  VMWare and then using the Garageband software program on PC. The Method is hard to follow, and you may face some issues and doubts while following the steps. Please comment below if you have any problems or doubts.

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