Best FPS Counter Software of 2018

The best experience you get while playing any game is when you get the highest possible FPS. The FPS is nothing but the Frames Per Seconds. Higher the FPS, the more your gaming experience will be smooth. Well, if you have a high-end CPU, then you’ll always get higher FPS while playing almost any game. To increase the FPS while playing any game, you should upgrade the graphics card of your computer or lower down the graphics settings of the game. Because FPS is important for smooth gaming experience than the graphics. You can adjust the graphics settings but you need the best possible FPS to smoothly play the game.

But, how’d you know what is the current FPS of any game you are playing or if the FPS is increased or decreased? To measure the frames per second of any game, you should use the FPS counter programs in Windows. There are many third-party FPS counter apps available for Windows computers, which will help you to show fps of any game running on your computer.

In this post, we are going to list some of the best FPS counter software programs for your computer. Use the below-mentioned Frame Rate counter programs to measure the FPS. just scroll down and find the best program to install on your computer and see the FPS of any game you are playing on the computer.

Best FPS counter programs for Windows

The fps Tracker apps will give you the exact idea of the frame rate at which the game is running. The fps tracker program will tell you the difference between the fps if you’ve tweaked some settings or updated the hardware. Here are some of the best apps to track fps of any game on Windows.


fraps fps counter software

The Fraps is one of the best FPS Tracker apps for Windows. The Fraps is not just the program that shows an fps counter on the top of the game, but it comes with tons of features to help you with gaming. The Fraps works as the gaming benchmark software and tells you the minimum, maximum and average FPS of any game on your computer.

The Fraps is a freemium program for Windows. It means, you get few features for free and all features for one-time license payment. In the free version, you get access to FPS counter, FPS benchmark and screenshots feature. In short, the Free version is good for you if only checking FPS ingame is your priority.


Dxtory best fps counter

The DXTory is one exciting software program made for Windows and helps the user to capture a video recording of any game they are playing. The DXTory allows users to capture videos of their gameplay, capture screenshots and shows the Frame rate counter on the top of the screen.

The DXTory shows the FPS overlay on the sides of the game. As a user, you can customize the screen overlay and change the position of counter that shows Frames Per Second on the screen, change the color of the frame per second bar and also change the settings of game recording.

Steam In-game Overlay

fps counter download steam ingame overplay

The popular online game marketplace and management program Steam is used by most of the serious gamers to play the games. The steam provides tons of services and features to the users. The Show fps is one of them. If the users have purchased a game on Steam Marketplace, they can make use of Frame Rate Counter of the Steam. All of the games bought on steam will show you the FPS tracker on the desired location.

In my opinion, the Steam In-game overlay counter is the best fps counter. It is not an external program that eats your system resources while showing the frame rate on screen. The users who are using steam while playing the games will see the frame rate without compromising the performance of the game.

To see the FPS overlay in steam, follow these steps.

  1. Click on Steam Menu > Settings
  2. Go to the In-Game section
  3. Click on the In-Game FPS counter menu and select where you want it to be displayed on your screen.

GeForce Experience

Geforce experience fps tracker

If you have installed an NVIDIA GeForce Graphics card in your Laptop or Computer, then you’ll get access to the GeForce Experience Program. The GeForce experience program is the default management program for the NVIDIA graphics card. With this app, you can manage the technical settings of your graphics card, and it’ll show the FPS of any game on the top of the screen.

Unfortunately, only the users of NVIDIA graphics card can use the GeForce experience program. But, all I can say that this is one of the best fps counter apps available for Windows computers.

In-Game Option

fps counter ingame option

Many high-end games now come with the inbuilt feature of fps show. Well, you may find it easily in the game settings. Mostly, it’s located in the Game Settings and specifically in Video settings. You may see the “Show FPS” or similar option, and you’ll get the option to customize the counter settings. Otherwise, the option can be found in “Advanced Settings” option.

If there is no option in Game Settings, then you can enable the same with Startup Commands. The Startup commands are the game commands that run when you start the game. Many favouritefavorite games allow users are executing the startup commands. The games like Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and also the Fallout 4 and Rainbow Six Siege supports the native FPS counters. You can use such game specific startup commands, and the game will begin showing Frame rate.

Otherwise, you can use the keyboard shortcuts. Most of the games nowadays have assigned FPS key that’ll help users to activate the counter overlay. For example, in Minecraft, the F3 key on the keyboard enables the overlay and shows the FPS to the user.

Final Words

Well, there are multiple ways to check the frame rate of any game you are playing but nothing is better than the FPS counter programs for Windows OS based computers. Higher the FPS, higher the gaming experience. The users who are experiencing lag or stuttering while playing the games should check their fps and find the problems. These are some of the best fps counter software programs for windows. If you are looking for fps counter download, then download any of these standalone programs or execute the commands available for your game.

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