Fallout New Vegas Console Commands & Cheats Codes

When it comes to the action role-playing video games, there is no competitor to the  Fallout: New Vegas game. The Fallout: New Vegas is the fourth edition of this favorite action RPG video game for the multiple gaming platforms. As there are numerous missions and obstacles in this game, completing the game is a big problem for hardcore gamers. But,  the Bethesda studios, which is the developer has added the fallout new vegas console commands, which makes completing the game more accessible. The new vegas console commands work as the game cheats.

Although the developer strictly prohibits cheating in an online game, you can do so freely in the offline single-player mode.  These fallout nv console commands are great if you want to know what is going to happen next in the game. These console commands for Fallout New Vegas are added in the game to test the gameplay, levels, weapons and character development.  What are we going to do is just use these developer commands and unlock new characters, get unlimited health, ammo and many other customization options. Although, you cannot flaunt these feature in front of your gaming buddies as these commands are meant to use in the Offline game mode only. So, while playing with your buddies on the online server, you better not use these codes in the console.

How to Use the Fallout New Vegas Console Commands

If you are interested in using the Fallout New Vegas Console commands and gain access to the features, then you should know how to use them while you are in the game. First of all, you have to open the game and then press the “Tilde ( ~ ) key” on your keyboard to open the New Vegas Console. The Console just looks like the Command prompt in Windows where you have to type or paste the command and Press Enter to execute the same. In the console, you can type the cheat codes and press ENTER. Once you press the Enter, the game will recognize the command and activate the feature you are looking to access. It might be the character model, view model, timeline, quests, missions and many more things in the game.

Fallout New Vegas Commands List

There are tons of useful fnv console commands that you can use and activate the features that are not present in the actual game or the cheat codes to gain an advantage in offline mode. You can execute any of these commands to test the game features, unlock the game features and have fun if you are bored playing the same old game. These console commands for new vegas game are restricted in the online multiplayer mode, so make sure you are not using them while playing online with your friends.

Fallout Camera Commands and Cheat CodesFallout Camera Commands and Cheat Codes

Command Name Command/Cheat Description
Camera Toggle Tfc Toggle Free Camera allows you to view the game as per your convenience. You can change the camera view mode with this command.
Camera Movement Speed sucsm # Controls the camera movement speed. Replace # with 1 for slow speed and 10 for high speed.
Field of View fov # Controls the Field of View. The Default value is 75. Change the # value upto 40 for narrow FOV and upto 90 for Wide FOV.
Lightbrite Mode tlb Enables the Lightbrite mode for lights in darker areas.
NoClip Tcl Noclip command. Allows players to roam anywhere around the map.
Remove HUD tm Toggles the HUD while playing the game.

Fallout NPC CommandsFallout NPC Commands

Command Name Command/Cheat Description
Teleport coc <cell name> This enables the Fast Travel in the game from one place to another
Delete Target Zap Delete the Selected or targeted item/player with this command.
Change Face ShowPlasticSurgeonMenu With this command, you can change the Face Settings.
Change HairStyle ShowBarberMenu Change the Hairstyle of Character with this console command.
Reputation SetReputation [Faction ID] [0/1] [1-100] Change the Reputation of the Character. 1-100 is the level of reputation and 0 is to disable and 1 is to enable.
Add Items to NPC additem <base_id> Adds selected Item to NPC. Change Base ID with Item ID.
Health Reset Player.resethealth Reset the Health of Player and Limb Health of the player.
Display Inventory inv Displays the Entire inventory of NPC.
Combait AI tcai Turn ON or OFF the Combai AI for NPC.
AI logic tai Toggle Artificial Intelligence feature in the game.
Mark NPC as Enemy setenemy <factionID1> <factionID2> (0/1 optional) Change the Identity of selected NPC as Enemy or Neutral.
Start Combat startcombat start fighting with the NPC.
Stop Combat stopcombat Stop fighting with the enemy NPC.

Fallout Inventory Commandsfallout new vegas console commands for inventory

Command Name Command/Cheat Description
Weapon Health player.setweaponhealthperc <percentage> Repair the weapon and restore its health with this console command fallout new vegas.
Reward XP player.rewardxp 15000 Players can increase the in-game experience points with this command. Replace the 15000 value with the amount you want to gain as experience points.
Ammo Box player.placeatme 69EE6 Get Ammo Item Box immediately.
Item Box player.placeatme 8F7B9 Get weapon item box with all weapons with this cheat code.
Mega Pistol player.additem 001465A6 1 Add Mega  Pistol in the Game. Mega Pistol is Most powerful Pistol in the game.
Add Perks player.addperk (perkcode) Change the (Perkcode) with the appropriate ID to get the Perks for your character.
Bottle Caps player.additem 000000F (number of caps) Adds Mentioned number of bottle caps to the name of the player.
Add Special Points addspecialpoints # Adds the unique point for the player. The # should be replaced with the number of points you want.
Karma Points RewardKarma x Change Karma Points to the selected or targeted character. Change X value with the number.
Power Armor setpccanusepowerarmor 1 Get Power Armour and withstand enemy attacks.

Fallout Stat Commands for Questsfallout nv console commands for quests

Command Name Command/Cheat Description
Quest Log Showquestlog shows the list of all of the completed and pending quests on the screen.
Quest Reset resetquest <QuestID> This command allows you to play the selected command. Replace <QuestID> with the ID number of the quest.
Complete Quests Caqs This commands immediately completes all of the in-game quests. So, you’ll be able to end the game without completing the quests.
Teleport to Target movetoqt Teleport straight to the Quest Target immediately.
Damage Stat player.damageactorvalue <variable> <#> Shows and Allows players to edit the Health Stats of the player.
Set Scale player.setscale <#.#> Set Player Scale to Make him Stronger or weaker.
Actor Values player.getav <variable> Shows NPCs Stat Values like Karma and Intelligence levels.
Set NPC Stats player.setav <variable> <#> Set non playable characters Stats for specific variables.
Adjust a NPC value player.modav <variable> <#> Modify the NPC values
Resurrect Resurrect With this command, you can resurrect any player or the enemy character.

Fallout Cheat Commandsnew vegas console commands

Command Name Command/Cheat Description
Level Advance advlevel  Changes the gameplay to the Next Level. Useful to increase the level of Difficulty.
Map Marker tmm 1 Unlocks the Map Market. Shows all Map Markers on the screen.
Gender Change SexChange Changes the Gender of the Character. Switch from Man to Woman.
God Mode Tgm This Command enables the God Mode. Become an invincible player.
Kill Target Kill This command immediately kills the selected player or enemy character.
Kill Everyone Killall This command immediately kills every enemy player in the area, helping you to complete the quests efficiently.
Quit QQQ Directly Quits the game avoiding waiting time.
Unlock Doors Unlock This command unlocks any door or the terminal without using the Key.
Set Level player.setlevel # Change the # value with the number to get your character to the mentioned level.
Close Menu CloseAllMenus Close All Menu options in the game.
Save Game Save [SaveName] Save your game progress with the desired title replacing the default title.
Disable Blood bDisableAllGore=0/1 Toggle the Blood Display on-screen.
Disable Leaves Tlv Enable or Disable the Leaves. Disable the Leaves rendering for better FPS.
Grass Display Tg Enable or Disable the Grass Display.

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Final Words

So, these are some of the most critical Fallout new vegas console commands that you can use. With these commands, the players can access the features that may not be included in the actual gameplay. Unlock new character models, get rare weapons, get unlimited ammo and do many more things that will help you to know the game and then play it efficiently. I hope you’ll use this commands for single-player or offline sessions only as the online use of these commands is strictly prohibited.

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