How to Enable DirectPlay in Windows 10

The DirectPlay is one of the oldest API libraries of the DirectX. The DirectPlay is used by many of the old and popular games in their time. This component is now not available in windows, and you have to enable DirectPlay windows 10 manually. To play the older games, you’ll need the DirectPlay API installed on your computer. Otherwise, you’ll face the error.

If you want to play the older games that require DirectPlay, installing and enabling the DirectPlay windows 10 is a must. In this post, we are going to share multiple methods, that’ll teach you how to download direct play windows 10 and enable the same to run incompatible games in windows operating systems.

How to Enable DirectPlay Windows 10?

Microsoft discontinued the DirectPlay API because of the advancement in graphical APIs. But, some of the game developers still kept using the same while developing a game. Now it’s obsolete, but the older games even need this component to run correctly. If you are facing “An application on your PC needs the following Windows DirectPlay feature” error while running older games like GTA:II or Paxman, then you’ll need to download direct play windows 10 and also install the same to play such games. Here are some methods to enable direct play windows 10 computers.

Method 1: Enable DirectPlay from Windows Features

The Windows Features is the program that contains almost all of the core features of windows. Users can enable and disable nearly all of the core features of the Windows operating system. Well, the Windows 10 Direct Play is not more included in the DirectX API, but it’s still available in Windows as support for Older video games. In this method, we are going to Enable Direct Play from Windows Features.

  1. First of all, open the Start Menu and Type “Turn Windows Features ON and OFF”.
  2. You’ll see the program in Search Results. Click on it to open the program.
  3. In the Windows Features program, you’ll find “DirectPlay” option. Scroll down and see it. directplay windows 10
  4. Click on the Checkbox to Enable DIrectPlay on Windows 10. The process will take few minutes.
  5. After completion, restart your computer, and you are ready to roll with the DirectPlay on Windows 10.
  6. This is the default method by which you can direct play download. There is no other option to download the files manually but from the Windows Features. But, different ways will help you to run the older game by enabling the DirectPlay windows 10. Here is another method to do so within few seconds.

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Method 2: Use Compatibility Mode

If the game you want to play is ancient and need DirectPlay, then you’ll have to enable it. If you don’t want to allow the feature by following above method, then you have to use the Compatibility mode. The Windows Compatibility mode makes any older game or program run without any issues.

  1. First of all, right click on the Game icon or exe file and select “Properties”.
  2. In the Properties, switch to “Compatibility” tab from the upper part of Window. direct play windows 10
  3. In the Compatibility tab, click on “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and choose “Windows XP or Windows 7” OS in the 10 direct play
  4. Now, click on the “Run this Program as an Administrator” and save.

After completing all these steps, you are ready to launch the game. Double click on the Game EXE file to run it, provide Administrator Privileges and the WIndows will run the game without any issues.

Final Words

Well, the DirectPlay is an old graphics API, that is used in older games. If you are trying to run the newer games, then you may not need DirectPlay Windows 10, and the OS will tell you which component you are missing. In this post, I tried to explain everything. Now as a user, you have the liberty to follow any of these two methods and enable direct play windows 10 OS and download the same.

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