How to Fix Cortana Not Working Problem in Windows 10

When Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 update, it came out with many bugs like Task Manager Not Working in Windows, Cortana Not Working, Windows Freezes Automatically and many more bugs.

Slow and steadily Windows developers started working to prevent bugs and they started rolling new updates regularly to fix such heavy bugs.

We have seen many people are facing problem whenever they try to open cortana or click on start menu. Windows starts hanging a lot whenever we try to open Cortana or click on start menu button.

After receiving poor feedbacks from the users, they started rolling out bug fix updates for Windows 10 and after sometime they released one major Windows 10 Anniversary  update which totally changed Windows 10.

But still there were few bugs like cortana and windows search not working which was not covered by Windows 10 update. To prevent CortanaProblem in Windows 10, we have written few methods which can help you to resolve this problem.

How do I fix Windows 10 Cortana not working problem?

  1. Restart your PC/Laptop to Resolve Cortana Not Working in Windows 10
  2. Try to check your Language and Region Settings in order to solve windows 10 cortana not working
  3. Check whether your Windows 10 is up to date or not

Method 1: Restart your PC/Laptop to Resolve Cortana Not Working in Windows 10

Windows 10 start menu and cortana not working?  I guess at this point I can feel your pain because I have gone through same phase where this kind of errors are really annoying and it really disturbs your work. So all you have to do is try to Restart your PC or Laptop, well in this case as we know that the start button won’t be working so all you need to do is Press Alt + F4 and Select Restart and then click on Ok and wait for your computer/laptop to restart. Once your system restarts your start menu and cortana problem will be solved.

Well still you are facing the same problem? Try out Method 2 which may help you out to get rid of this annoying problem.

Method 2: Try to check your Language and Region Settings in order to solve windows 10 cortana not working

Sometimes such things don’t work because you have entered incorrect region and language in Language and Region Settings while initializing Windows  and due to that problems like windows 10 start menu and cortana doesn’t work. Follow this method which may help you out to get rid of this.

  • Press Windows Key + to open Windows Settings or Control Panel.
Windows Setting Cortana Not Working
Windows Settings
  • Now click on Time & Language Settings in order to solve the problem
windows 10 cortana not working
Control Panel Time and Language Setting
  • Once Time & Language settings open up, Click on Region & Language options and in that select your country as shown in image below
windows search not working
Changing Region and Time from Control Panel
  • After changing the country to yours, Restart your system and check whether the windows 10 cortana is  working or not.

Still facing the same problem? We have written one more methods which will surely help you out to get rid of annoying problem.

Method 3: Check whether your Windows 10 is up to date or not

Usually this also creating problems as I have mentioned above that Microsoft has started rolling out update to fix all such types of bugs and one of the major update in Windows 10 history was Anniversary update. So check out whether your Windows 10 is up to date or not.

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  • Press Windows Key + I and then click on Update & Security.
Windows Update to prevent Cortana not working problem
Windows Update
  • Once Update & Security Settings opens, click on Windows Update and then Click on Windows Update
    Windows Updates
  • And now it will start checking for new updates as shown in below image.
windows 10 cortana not working
Downloading Windows Updates

So let Windows 10 download all the pending updating which are necessary and as soon as it downloads all the updates, let it install and once its done, restart your system. After restarting your system, your cortana not working in windows 10 will be solved.

If you are having and kind of doubts or facing problems regarding this errors you can comment down your problems and we will try our best to solve it out.

One thought on “How to Fix Cortana Not Working Problem in Windows 10

  1. I also had an issue of start menu not popping up, after a Windows 10 update.
    I was using WFC (Windows Firewall Control) at the time of the update.
    Removing it solved the issue :
    – press Windows-X
    – choose Windows Powershell (admin)
    – type
    then hit enter

    – type
    “C:\Program Files\Windows Firewall Control\wfc.exe” -uninstall
    then hit enter and uninstall it (you don’t need to reset the firewall rules).

    voilà !

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