Best iOS Emulator for PC Windows and Mac 2018

Best iOS Emulator for Mac and Windows 2018

Interested in running the iOS apps on PC? Want to experience the UI and features of the apps made for iOS on your windows computer? Not only you, but many people are interested in downloading the iOS Emulator for PC and then run the apps built for iOS smartphones. The iOS environment emulator programs for PC helps the developers and the casual users to run any iOS based app on their computer. In this post, … Read more

How to Download Snapchat++ for iOS Devices

How to Download Snapchat++ for iOS Devices

The SnapChat is one of the most popular app downloaded on the iOS platform. As there are millions of Snapchat users, it ought to be one of the most popular apps on the iOS App Store. Now, the SnapChat++ has been released, and that is getting the attention from addictive snapchat users. The SnapChat++ app for iOS has the features that are not available in the official snapchat app. That’s why the iPhone and iPad … Read more

How to Bypass iCloud Activation – 3 Methods

3 Methods to Bypass iCloud Activation

iPhone has never failed to give attractive features that make it unique in itself. Activation Lock a brand new feature that can provide security to iOS and other Apple Devices. It gives you an upper hand by limiting access only to whom you want to. To avail this service, there is a need of Apple ID and passwords which is essential to erase content, reactivate your device or turn off Find My Phone. But imagine … Read more

How to Use iMessage on PC Windows & Mac

How to Use iMessage on PC Windows & Mac

The smartphones and computers are achieving new heights of innovation with the introduction of new features. The cell phones have the functionality or SMS messaging, so the computers have the Emails to communicate with others. Many people are addicted to the Messaging from a mobile phone that they are willing to stop using their computers while working on some important project. Most of the times, such people are using the iMessages on their iPhone or … Read more

How to Fix iPhone Not Showing in iTunes Issue

Horror strikes to new or existing iPhone users when there are no iTunes shown on the screen. It is many issues that pop up with  every new update in iTunes or iOS.It becomes a serious matter of concern, iPhone Not Showing in iTunes. It is obvious that Music has become an indispensable part of life.  iTunes is the only way iPhone user can have access to it. Even if you have perfectly installed the update … Read more

How to Charge Your iPhone Without a Charger

How to Charge Your Iphone Without a Charger

Are you not good at handling the iPhone charger with you? Always lose the iPhone charger while traveling somewhere? Well, all you have to think is how to charge your iPhone without a charger. It seems impossible to charge any smartphone without using the charger unless it supports the wireless charging. But unfortunately, your phone does not support the wireless charging. How will you handle the situation after losing the original charger and want to … Read more

How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode

How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode

The iOS devices are genuinely the smart devices with tons of features and actual usability. The iOS devices like iPad and iPhone provide excellent user experience and almost never lag, unlike the Android smartphones. But, the iPhone and iPad users have their own set of problems, that are a different and little bit complicated to solve. The Recovery mode is one such issue and users have to find answers to how to get iPhone out … Read more