How to Reset Chrome to Default Settings without Reinstall

How to Reset Chrome to Default Settings without Reinstall

When you mess with the Settings of any program, all you do is reinstall the program or Reset the settings. In the Google Chrome, it’s pretty confusing to know which settings you’ve changed and you want to Reset Chrome without Reinstalling it on your computer. Well, there are multiple ways to reset Chrome browser without opting for the reinstall of the entire browser. If you messed the Chrome settings and want to know how to … Read more

How to Make Google My Homepage in all Web Browsers

How to Make Google My Homepage

Every time you try to search any query or question related to your academics or anything on Google, it always try its best to give you answer no matter what you’re searching, Google will always have thousands of solutions to your single question or any query you type. Well its little bit time consuming process when you are in hurry and want to urgently search something on Google and get the result as soon as … Read more

How to Fix Steam Game Won’t Open Error in Windows 10 – 5 Methods

How to Fix Steam Game Won’t Open Error in Windows 10

As a gamer, I always like to play some fantastic games on steam, and any player can tell that steam is the best platform to play online games for a lower price and in high quality but sometimes there will be some problems which will occur and it will ultimately prevent you from playing games. I have faced some issues in which steam won’t open in my PC. If you are using steam to play … Read more

How to Fix USB Ports not Working Problem

USB ports not working

If you are a Windows user, then you know that hardware problems are out of reach for ordinary people to solve. But, if the drivers cause the hardware issue, then you can quickly fix them within a few minutes. Today, we will talk about the USB ports not working problem in Windows. The USB Ports are the hardware units soldered on the motherboard, and they are not repairable by the newbie computer user. If you … Read more

How to Use PS3 Controller on PC – 3 Methods

How to Use PS3 Controller on PC

Many people use the PlayStation 3 to play their favourite games. But the PlayStation 3 comes with few disadvantages when compared with the pc. The pc comes with many advantages like the choice of games, customization options, gaming experience and all. But, the PlayStation 3 provides the unforgettable gaming experience that you’ll love from the bottom of your heart. If you are on windows pc and want to use ps3 controller on pc, then you … Read more

How to Delete Kik Account Permanently

How to Delete Kik Account Permanently

The Kik is one of the best messenger apps for Android smartphones. The Kik app gained immense popularity in recent days, thanks to the quick service and exciting set of features. There are almost 200 million active users of Kik messengers, which speaks about its popularity amongst the users. With the kik messenger, the users can communicate with each other and it’s one of the alternatives of the WhatsApp messenger. But, excessive use of any … Read more

How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working Problem

How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working Problem

The Discord Mic Not Working is one of the most irritating errors for the users. You can hear what other people are saying in the channel but discord not detecting mic and voice will make your voice unreachable in the channel. When you are gaming with Discord and your mic not working in such situations, then you’ll face some significant issues while gaming. The Discord is one of the most famous voice chatting app made … Read more

How to Use Ps4 Controller on PC [Guide]

How to Use Ps4 Controller on PC

There is nothing like playing on the PlayStation consoles and enjoying the gaming experience to its core. I’ve done this when I was a kid and still enjoy playing the latest games on the PlayStation 4. The titles, graphics, performance and the PS4 controller are the things that make the PlayStation 4 unique in itself. When I was playing the game on my PS4 console, I had a weird question in my mind. Can I … Read more

How to Fix Service Host Local System High Disk Problem in Windows?

If you are using Windows then you must have been facing the service host local system high disk problem in your system. So must be wondering that what is service host local system (network restricted) ? In simple word; it is the annoying problem in which 95 percent of the CPU/Disk has been eaten by the process. It was not faced operating system till the Windows 7 but in windows 8 and 10 people have … Read more


The Google Chrome is one of the most popular Internet browser available for us to use. The Google Chrome is undoubtedly the best among all, but not the safest or bugless browser. This browser has its errors and bugs, that may annoy its users. One of the most common errors that people face is the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_Error. I’ve encountered this error many times, and after getting fed up, I decided to Fix This Webpage is not … Read more