How to Bypass iCloud Activation – 3 Methods

iPhone has never failed to give attractive features that make it unique in itself. Activation Lock a brand new feature that can provide security to iOS and other Apple Devices. It gives you an upper hand by limiting access only to whom you want to. To avail this service, there is a need of Apple ID and passwords which is essential to erase content, reactivate your device or turn off Find My Phone. But imagine a situation where you have the mobile of someones else which was lost and purchased a used iOS device. Because in such kind of tools which you bought by the online or offline service provider has the enabled “Find My iPhone option. In such scenario, it is necessary to know various pathways to bypass iCloud activation lock in iOS 11 or earlier on your iPhone or iPad.

So; you may get excited about the process bypass icloud activation so, and hence we won’t make you wait about this and let’s start the article to know about the process of doing this.

Can We ByPass iCloud Lock By Jailbreaking iPhone?

You may get to know about many sources which are claiming many things about removing the lock, but we suggest you not to believe on all of them. So one of the most popular myths we came across is about jailbreaking it. According to many sources, bypass icloud activation can be used to remove the lock through jailbreaking it. However, the research points out to the fact that this kind of information is not reliable and should not be believed. Jailbreak helps you to adjust some functionalities of your device. Unfortunately, this was a method of past and no longer can be done through this.

In the following steps, you will find elaborate guiding tips and tricks for learning to bypass iCloud activation lock in iOS 11 or earlier on iPhone/iPad. It is a complicated process, but you will find solutions according to problems encountered while unlocking iCloud Activation from iOS 11 or earlier on iPhone/iPad. With the help of third-party bypass, iCloud lock tool becomes an answer.

Which iOS Device Supports Activation Lock?

As you know earlier, there was no activation lock in an iOS device which was not going good with such a high tech device, and hence you did not have any option to get it back after losing it other than remorse. But now you have this activation lock feature in the iOS device, and this lock feature came as a defense against the theft of iPhone and other devices. Hundreds of iPhone thefts followed it. So  Apple introduced “Activation Lock” with iOS 7. However, you can still have bypass icloud activation in iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X and in any iPad.

We have written three methods on how to bypass icloud lock

Enough of talking now let us look at the ways of solving this problem. There are two significant pathways which can be put up as a solution to this problem. One of this is to bypass the activation lock, and another one is by removing the iCloud Lock. Now let’s take an in-depth look at the both of the methods of these. We believe that one of the way from the below means will work for you to get rid of this problem.

These two options are as follows

Bypass iCloud activation: By bypassing the iCloud Lock of iPhone or iPad, you will get entry to specific features of the device.this would be helpful in a way that you will get information of the owner of iPhone, in case they want to contact and return the device

Remove iCloud Lock: If you have bought iOS device with activation on then, you will not be able to trace the owner. You have to wait for few days and also shell out money to take out activation lock.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tool?

There are two sites iPhone and Official iPhone which are reliable and take no time for unlocking activation. Even though the sites claim that they will guide to the successful process, it cannot be trusted for such kind of sensitive transaction.

It is a high possibility that it can be a trap laid by scammers for people who fall for cost-free ways of doing things. Earlier mentioned the two sites because they are based on track record and customers feedback. We would be happy to recommend other places who are doing a reliable work.

Remove Activation Unlock Using Official iPhone Unlock on iPhone and iPad

It does take 1 to 3 days for Official iPhone to Unlock and charges are £19.99 (about USD 27).

  1. Visit
  2. You need to go to  Side-menu bar and search for “iCloud Unlock“.
  3. when you want to unlock your iCloud account then you have to, enter the iPhone model, IMEI number of the iPhone.If you are not able to understand then call at *#06# to get the IMEI number.Bypass iCloud ActivationIf you’re the iPhone is locked, and you aren’t able to reach dialer, then you have press “i” on the device screen to get the IMEI number. In the worst scenario, take out the sim, and IMEI number will be present in the sim tray.
  4. You have to make the payment and wait for 1 to 3 days.iphone activation lock

Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone Using is the most trusted site for removing iCloud activation lock. It requires payment of £39.99 (approximately USD 50) per unlock, and the wait for the process happens within three days

  1. Go to website; you need to choose the model of your device and provide its IMEI number. There are three methods to get IMEI code.

    Dial *#06# to get IMEI Code

    The new versions of iPhones like iPhone X and above have IMEI printed on the back of the device.

    You can tap “i” button on the screen if your device has not be activated. The code is directly visible.

  2. Select the model that you have to unlock. Visit and pick the iPhone model and give IMEI number.
  3. Go to unlock button.
  4. You have to pay the fee using either Visa or Mastercard. To get all the updates, enter your email id
  5. You have to click on “Buy now!” button. There is waiting period for 1 to 3 days

Bypass iCloud Activation Without Lock Removal Tool

You can remove the iCloud activation tool, even If you don’t want to use the bypass tool, But this trick does not always give consistent results.

  1. You need reboot your phone for bypass activation lock.
  2. You need to select your country and language.
  3. If you need to select the Wi-fi network, then you need to Choose a Wi-Fi Network screen and click on the “i” button next to the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect to.
  4. Next, you have to go to “DNS.” Then type you have to select one

    USA/North America: 154.51.7

    Europe: 155.28.90

    Asia: 155.220.58

    Rest of the World: 109.17.60.

  5. Now, on the top left-hand corner click on “Back >” at the top left-hand corner of the screen and then select your wi-fi network
  6. You have to put your Wi-Fi password and tap on “Join” at the top right corner.
  7. You need to press on back button at the top right corner to get back to the Wi-Fi page.

And Now, the iOS device will try getting activate and shift to a new screen. Don’t let it do so.  Again press on the back button given at top right corner to get back to the Wi-Fi page.

You are now able to “” at the top. Next, you need to scroll and press on the menu to get apps and several features. Choose the app, that will provide information about the owner of iPhone.

For example, you can visit facetime and search for the email address of the user.

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Final Words

With the hope that; till now you have found what you have been looking for in this article, we are concluding this piece. This activation lock bypass will work for you to get your work done. We have provided you with the 2 primary methods to remove the icloud lock and also explained them to make the task easy for you. But still in case of any queries, comment, and feedback feel free to write us in the comment section below.

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