4 Best Time Management Apps in 2019

There’s an app for everything nowadays. But the best ones are those with the simplest yet most overlooked functions. Productivity apps are the lifeline of any modern-day professional. Apps like Grammarly are designed to help people excel at their work, whether they are professionals, students, or hobbyist writers.

Smartphones have become so powerful and pivotal to our daily lives that they have somewhat become an appendage for us. But they also have their downsides. As noted by many experts, smartphones can be hugely distracting and lead us to procrastinate. Especially as the human brain can get distracted and derailed easily. Author Chris Bailey explains that people are distracted every 40 seconds and that it takes at least 26 minutes to regain focus.

This is why long to-do lists and exhaustive timelines often overwhelm people. Luckily, the same technology that enables so much distraction can also improve how we deal with our time.

Best Time Management Apps to Use in 2019

So without further ado, this article will look at four of the very best time management apps out there, which will help you improve your productivity and day-to-day organization. Here is a list of apps which will help you manage your time and make your day a bit more productive.

Best Time Management Apps

Be Focused

Do you find yourself getting easily distracted? If so, you should find a method that will help you manage your time better. Be Focused is a Pomodoro-inspired stopwatch app. The “Pomodoro method” hinges on the fact that you can be more productive by doing 25 minutes of focused work and then taking 5-minute breaks in between. Be Focused Pro takes this further by blocking notifications from apps like Facebook and Twitter. The app is also available to sync with your smartwatch.


Another minimalist app that lets you tick off your to-do lists one at a time, You can add as many tasks as you want and organize them into priorities and add tags. It also has an intuitive interface that instantly identifies the time and place of what you need to be doing from the reminders you inputted. Another feature lets you set repetitive tasks like monthly bills or weekly meetings.

As it’s also available on the web and has a corporate package, Todoist can integrate your tasks and reminders onto one platform.

Class Timetable

This app was made specifically with students in mind, as studying can easily descend into a time management nightmare. Class Timetable addresses this as it eases the burden of remembering your class and homework schedule with nifty and colourful cards.

This is helpful for parents too. A recent Office Depot survey found that nearly 25% of parents say that their children are given more homework than they can handle. This app can set out a schedule that will help parents aid their children with their school work. In addition, Special Counsel explains that the best way to study for an exam is to create a timeline and then map out what you will do each day. Class Timetable’s pro features include the ability to export timetables and set reminders that can be used to create effective study charts.

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Forest is an aesthetically pleasing app that gamifies your time management. It uses a clean interface that lets you grow trees by being productive. It’s packed with features that allow you to do a Pomodoro-style productivity sprint and blocks your phone while you’re working. Whenever you complete cycles, your plants grow and you earn coins.

The most peculiar yet powerful feature is that whenever you lose focus during a sprint, your app logs this as a dead tree in your forest—a reminder of how you gave up. It’s fun and motivational. A review on Mashable also notes that saving coins in the app can help the organization behind Forest grow actual trees. A user can plant up to five trees in the real world by using the app, but the company says they’re planning to increase this number in the near future. This is just another reason to complete your tasks and stay super productive.

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