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The is the default login gateway for most of the routers. The universal login gateway helps the users to access the router configuration page without any confusion easily. Not all routers have the same IP address as the login gateway. Many wireless routers come with the alternative configuration page URLs. In this post, we are going to focus on the gateway, which is universal in most of the routers.

Nowadays there is so much rush in the field of the network that every network needs its own router to avoid the mixing of networks. If there occur such phenomena then there will be a need to drop many networks at a time. Thus we are going to discuss here an IP address and router to know about these phenomena in detail and also how we easily log in to this address. The recognized IP address is a Private IP address which is used in the Linksys router. The IP address Login is considered default IP address for the Linksys routers. If this is the new device, then the default IP address should be the same but if the device is not new then the IP address can vary.

When you are connected to the Wireless network on the PC, entering the in your browser opens up the Router configuration page. By default, the login ID and password is the “Administrator” or “Admin.” Usually, the username and password are printed on the back side of the router. You can access a plethora of features fro, the 192.168.11 login page of the router. In this post, we are going to share the guide on how to use login or and secure your router or fix any of the issues related to the router.

How to Access Login Page?

Many people heard of this login IP for the first time. So, it’s entirely necessary for us to explain how to access this login IP of the router. To obtain the IP, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First of all, start your web browser and connect to the Internet on your Laptop, Computer or even a Smartphone.
  2. When connected to the Wifi or Ethernet, open any web browser. I prefer using the Chrome Browser.
  3. Now, in the browser, type and press ENTER To open the Router Login page.
  4. On the login page, type the username and Password which is mentioned below the Router device. Following are the most common Username and password combination that you can try.
    Username – Admin, Password – Admin
    Username – Administrator, Password – Administrator
    Username – Guest, Password- Guest
  5. Enter these Username and Password combinations and login to the Router Configuration page. 192.168.11 Login Guide
  6. Now, you’ll see the router configuration page. On this page, you can start configuring the router quickly.

How to Find Router Login IP address?

Not all routers have the same login IP address. Some have a different IP address, and some may have a login domain. So, the login won’t work on all of the routers, it depends on the router, if you are using Netgear routers then your IP will be and if you are using LinkSys router then your IP address will be 192.168.11. If you want to find the login IP address, then turn on your system and open CMD and type “IPCONFIG” and it will show you your default gateway on your screen, if you are using Linux then you should use “IFCONFIG” and still this doesn’t work then you should follow these methods to see the login IP of your router.

Check Under the Router

The default place you can find the Router login IP and also username and password, then checking below the router will help you. All of the routers have the login IP, username and password are printed below the router. So, checking the back side will help you a lot and if you don’t find it there, you can check it on the Router box, usually, TP-Link and D-Link alway prints router login credentials on the back of the box.

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Official Site of the Manufacturer

If your router doesn’t have anything printed below it, then you should search the internet. There are many forums and sites and even the official website of the manufacturer to find the login IP of the router. Just search the Internet, and you’ll find the login address.

What can you Do with address?

The 192.168.11 is the default login and admin configuration page IP of most of the favorite Internet router brands. This IP address opens up the configuration page of the router, which makes it easier for the users to adjust the settings of their Wi-Fi router.

It’s not just about configuring the Wifi router, but there are tons of options available for the newbies and advanced users. Most of the technicians make use of this login page to configure the router and solve any problems related to the internet connection. Here, we are going to figure out the usage of 192.168.11 configuration page login

Turn ON/OFF WiFi

If you are using the WiFi router only for browsing the Internet on your desktop computer, then you should turn off the WiFi feature on the router to save a little bit of electricity. You can turn OFF or Turn ON the Wifi by accessing the page or else you will also find a button on the top of your router to turn it off temporarily.

Configure Network Settings

Want to change the settings of your Router? Want to change the SSID, Password, Mac Filtering DNS settings or the Gateway IP of the ISP? Well, you can do that from the Router Configuration page. You can change all sort of things related to your ISP and make your internet faster by following the tips from your Internet Service Provider.

Restore Dead Internet

It happens every time that your Internet suddenly disconnects and you have to wait till the ISP technician visits your home to fix it. Well, you cannot fix the issue if it’s related to the connection, but you can fix it if its router related. Just access this 192 dots 168 dot 1 dot 1, and you are ready to follow the on-phone instructions from Customer Representative to fix the problem immediately.

Whenever you configure your router, you should always take a backup of your router settings from Admin Page so that in future if anything goes wrong with the router you can quickly reset it using reset button and restore all the settings with a single click.

Security Settings

It’s essential to make your router more secure, so any nasty kid or adult in your neighborhood won’t be able to get access to your Internet. It will waste your bandwidth a lot and in case if your Internet is limited to some GBs then it will create a severe problem for you. There can be chances where people might easily able to see your browsing history, misuse your confidential data if your WiFi security is not strong. All of the routers have the security settings, which you can adjust yourself and make your router, and ultimately the web browsing little bit secure from nasty hackers. IP Username and Password

Router Username Password Alternate Username Alternate Password
D-Link routers Admin Admin Administrator Administrator
Netgear  Routers Admin 1234
Tenda Routers Admin Admin Administrator Administrator
Cisco Routers Admin W2402 guest guest
Digicom routers Admin michelangelo

192.168.O.1 IP Address Login

Final Words

That was all about the 192.168..1.1 login IP address. It is the default IP address of the Router configuration page, which you should access in case you want to configure the router, change security settings, turn ON or OFF the wifi router or do anything else related to the wifi router. If you are not that good in figuring out the options, then you can refer to the Router user manual or contact any computer technician to do so on your behalf.

I hope you have got a bright idea of what to do with the IP address. If you have any doubts about what I have explained in this post, then please comment below, and I’ll clear your doubts.

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