Windows 10 Password Reset Without Disk

Windows 10 Password Reset

Have you forgotten your Windows password? Are you not able to log into your Windows 10, and you don’t have a the disk as well, well it happens all the time with many people where they create a new strong random password without disk when they are installing a fresh Windows 10 in their system and after a day or two they forget those credentials. In this situation if you have enabled your Microsoft account … Read more

Download & Install Google Duo for PC

The video calling app from Google, Google Duo for PC is considered the best video calling application compared to other video calling applications available nowadays, like IMO, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line and many more. Today, communication is a very important part of our daily lives. In the past, people could only communicate using the telephone, but now with a smartphone, communication has become easier face to face and easier than before. Now we can communicate with … Read more

Life Hacks to Increase Space on your Device

Life Hacks to Increase Space on your Device

There is nothing more annoying than a notification for a low storage on your phone or any device at all. The low storage issue usually has a very bad timing, too. For example, you are having fun, the best time of your life, and of course, you want to capture all of your memories on your phone, that’s when a storage notification will appear. It can get really frustrating as the storage is usually low … Read more

How to Fix Surface Pen Not Working Problem

How to fix Surface Pen Not Working

Surface Pen is a active stylus and digital pen which was developed by Microsoft Corporation in July 2012. It is basically designed to showcase the digital pen computing capabilities of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System. In this article we are here to focus on Surface pen problems. Lets say you are working on your Microsoft Surface Book Pro with your Surface Pen giving some presentations to your team and suddenly your Surface Pen stops functioning. I know that feel, you will be really frustrated … Read more IP Login Admin Guide IP Login Admin Guide

The is the default login gateway for most of the routers. The universal login gateway helps the users to access the router configuration page without any confusion easily. Not all routers have the same IP address as the login gateway. Many wireless routers come with the alternative configuration page URLs. In this post, we are going to focus on the gateway, which is universal in most of the routers. When you are connected … Read more

How to Enable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Edge

Adobe Flash Player is one of the best media player to play Games, Audios and Videos online as well as offline but sometime it doesn’t work properly online. When we try to play any videos or audio online on websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc using Google Chrome or Firefox browser, it blocks the video and ask us to install or enable flash plugin in our browser. Many Google Chrome and Firefox users reported about … Read more

[Solved] Nvidia Control Panel Missing

[Solved] Nvidia Control Panel Missing

As we all know that Nvidia is specially known for its Graphics Cards. Nvidia is one of the best top most company who is into manufacturing of Video Cards/Graphics Cards. It is an Amercian based technology company which is incorporated in Dalware. Nvidia is mostly into designing of GPU (Graphics Processing Units) for gaming and other professional purposes like high definition photo and video editing. Today more than 60% of gamers are using Nvidia GPUs … Read more

The 7 Best NES Emulators of 2018

The 5 Best NES Emulators of 2018

With the growing technology, we now have some of the best games, and we have too many options to play and even if you are feeling to play those old 90s games like Mario which had to give us by Nintendo then don’t worry because you can still play these games with Nintendo NES emulators. These emulators are designed in that way that you would feel like you’re playing 80s or 90s games, and that’s … Read more

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac

how to uninstall programs on mac

Do you want to get rid of apps and other programs in Mac OS? Are these programs taking up space on your hard disk and slowing down your system? This process is quite simple and straightforward. Removing files and folders in Mac by directly dragging them to trash bin works everytime but when it comes to applications and other Mac programs, it won’t work because when we drag those programs and applications to trash bin, … Read more

How to Fix PUBG Failed to Initialize Steam Error in Windows

PUBG Failed to Initialize Steam

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) as we all know that it is one of the most trending game for Windows, Android and Mac in 2018. PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royal shooting game which was developed and published by PUBG Corporation. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was first released for Windows OS in  March 2017 and got a big hit and after few months the South Korean video game company Bluehole started developing the same game for Android and iOS platform … Read more